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Overview of works by Sri Aurobindo

A new 35-volume collection of Sri Aurobindo's works is now being published. Also, a CD-ROM of his selected works is available from major booksellers, which contains the following works: The Life Divine, The Synthesis of Yoga, Essays on the Gita, Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol, Letters on Yoga, The Human Cycle, The Ideal of Human Unity, War & Self-Determination, Essays on Philosophy and Yoga, Essays Divine and Human, The Renaissance in India (includes Foundations of Indian Culture), The Secret of the Veda, Upanishads, Sri Aurobindo: A Life-Sketch.

Please see also the text on this external site. It has numerous links to texts by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.


The Life Divine


"It is, then, this spiritual fulfillment of the urge to individual perfection and an inner completeness of being that we mean first when we speak of a divine life..."

Extensive discussion of the nature of the universe, man, reality, the divine future.

The Problem of Rebirth


"Rebirth tells us that what we are is a soul performing constantly the miracle of self-embodiment;...The perception of rebirth as an occasion and means for a spiritual evolution...makes life a significant ascension and not a mechanical recurrence."

A developing series of essays on rebirth, the soul, the significance of rebirth, involution and evolution, and freedom, etc.


The Synthesis of Yoga


"The principle of Yoga is the turning of one or of all powers of our human existence into a means of reaching the divine Being. In ordinary Yoga one main made the means, vehicle, path. In a synthetic Yoga all powers will be combined and included in the transmuting instrumentation..."

A synthetic treatment of the triple path and Sri Aurobindo's own Yoga of Perfection.

Letters on Yoga

Books one and two (downloadable - link to outside site)

Written mainly during the period from 1930 to 1938. Sri Aurobindo spent twelve hours every night responding to the daily letters and diary entries of disciples, mostly Ashram residents, in addition to outside correspondence. This collection contains thousands of letters covering all aspects of Yoga: evolution and levels of consciousness; experiences and realizations; difficulties in sadhana; the Triple Transformation; religion and science in relation to yoga; fate and free will; rebirth, etc.


Essays on the Gita

Entire text (link to outside site)

A series of essays explaining the Bhagavad Gita at length. These follow the original almost chapter by chapter. Sri Aurobindo "considers the message of the Gita to be the basis of the great spiritual movement which has led and will lead humanity more and more to its liberation..."

The Secret of the Veda


The Vedas are the oldest known scriptures in the world. Sri Aurobindo, with the key of multi-leveled symbolic language, opens and enters into the hidden meaning of the Vedas and reveals their timeless and eternal Truth. Includes the original hymns, translations, and commentaries.

The Upanishads

Sanskrit text, with Sri Aurobindo's translation and commentaries; 13 Upanishads covered, including the Isha, Kena, Katha, Mundaka, Mandukya, Prashna, Taittiriya, etc., and Karikas of Gaudapada, Sadananda's Vedantasara, etc.

Hymns to the Mystic Fire

The sacred ancient hymns to Agni from Rig Veda with Sanskrit text, English translation, in esoteric sense; and the Doctrine of the Mystics; communicates the sacred power of the Mantra and spiritual symbolism through the literary mastery of the English medium.


The Foundations of Indian Culture

Sri Aurobindo reveals the genius of Indian culture in religion and spirituality, art and music, literature and politics, against the misconceptions and uninformed prejudgements of Western critics. The high spiritual ideals which lie at the very heart of India's culture are brought out to bestow upon the reader a widened and deepened appreciation of the true soul of the nation. Illustrated with classic examples of India's sculpture, painting and architecture.

The Human Cycle; Ideal of Human Unity; War and Self-Determination
(also released under the title, "Social Evolution Towards the Ideal of Human Unity")

This all-encompassing masterwork comprises an in-depth study of the psychology of social development, the historical, cultural, political, philosophical and spiritual analysis of human civilisation and its ideals and evolution towards a higher destiny, beyond the present state of strife and ignorance and imperfection in the life of the ego, leading towards the next evolutionary phase of the Supramental Manifestation and the reign of the Gnostic Society. One of Sri Aurobindo's most important works.


Savitri: A Legend and A Symbol

Entire book, and correspondence (link to outside site)
Entire book (link to outside site)

"An epic poem. The legendary tale of Mahabharata has become symbolic of the conquest of death and of the perfecting of human life on earth. Everything is there: mysticism, occultism, philosophy, the history of evolution, the history of man, of the gods, of creation, of Nature."

Sri Aurobindo worked on Savitri for more than 20 years; it was an experiment in bringing down the highest consciousness via the written word.

Note: In 1993, after many years of work, a new edition of Savitri was released. Recently the Ashram Archives put out a pamphlet documenting the work that has gone into preparing the various editions of Savitri over the last 50 years. Here is a file of the document in pdf form (322 kb, required Adobe Acrobat Reader). This pamphlet is also available in paper form.

Collected Poems


Includes short and longer poems, sonnets, poems in new metres, the essay, On Quantitative Metre, and an index of first lines. Also includes Ilion, an epic in quantitative hexametres.

The Future Poetry
(Letters on Poetry, Literature and Art.)

The Future Poetry has 32 chapters on such topics as The essence of poetry, rhythm and movement, style and substance, poetic vision and the mantra, the national evolution of poetry, the character and course of english peotry, the movement of modern literature, the poetry of the dawn, the victorian poets, recent english poetry: new birth or decadence?, the ideal spirit of poetry, the sun of poetic truth, the breath of greater life, the soul of poetic delight and beauty, the power of the spirit, the form and the spirit, the word and the spirit etc.

Letters on Poetry, Literature and Art has 10 chapters, with varied subjects.


Sri Aurobindo on Himself

Compiled from Notes and Letters.

"It would be only myself who could speak of things in my past giving them their true form and significance."

"In my view, a man's value does not depend on what he learns, or his position or fame, or what he does, but on what he is and inwardly becomes."

Including letters on himself and on the Mother.

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