Integral Yoga Literature - By Sri Aurobindo

Alphabetical Listing of Works by Sri Aurobindo

Naming conventions follow closely but are not identical to those used in the SABCL (see below). Please see also the listing of individual volumes within the SABCL (Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library).

After the War
Baji Prabhou: A Tale of Mahratta Chivalry in Verse
Bande Mataram
Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Bankim Tilak Dayananda
Bases of Yoga
The Birth of the War God
The Brain of India
The Century of Life
Chitrangada (a fragment)
Collected Plays and Short Stories
Collected Poems
Conversations of the Dead
The Doctrine of Passive Resistance
Elements of Yoga
Essays on the Gita
The Foundations of Indian Culture and the Renaissance in India
The Future Poetry and Letters on Poetry, Literature and Art
The Harmony of Virtue
The Herod and the Nymph
The Hour of God and Other Writings
The Human Cycle
Hymns to the Mystic Fire
The Ideal of Human Unity
The Ideal of the Karmayogin
Ideals and Progress
Ilion: An Epic in Quantitative Hexameters
Isha Upanishad
Kena Upanishad
Last Poems
Letters on Yoga
The Life Divine
Lights on Yoga
Love and Death: A Poem
Messages of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
The Mind of Light
More Lights on Yoga
More Poems
The Mother
The National Value of Art
On Himself
On Yoga
Perseus the Deliverer
The Phantom Hour
Poems from Bengali
Poems, Past and Present
The Problem of Rebirth
The Renaissance in India
The Riddle of This World
Savitri: A Legend and A Symbol
The Secret of the Veda
The Significance of Indian Art
Songs of Vidyapati
The Speeches of Sri Aurobindo
The Spirit and Form of Indian Polity
Sri Aurobindo On Himself and The Mother
The Superman
The Supramental Manifestation and Other Writings
The Synthesis of Yoga
A System of National Education
Thoughts and Aphorisms
Thoughts and Glimpses
Translations from Sanskrit and Other Languages
The Upanishads
Uttapara Speech
Vasavadatti: A Dramatic Romance
Views and Reviews
Vyasa and Valmiki
War and Self-Determination
Writings in Bengali
The Yoga and Its Objects

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Last modified on Aug 10, 1995