Integral Yoga Literature - By Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo (CWSA)

This edition is currently being published by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Not all volumes are available yet. For more information, please see the SABDA web site.

1 Early Cultural Writings (formerly The Harmony of Virtue)
2 Collected Poems
3 Collected Plays and Stories ­ I
4 Collected Plays and Stories ­ II
5 Translations
6 Bande Mataram ­ I Political Writings and Speeches 1890-1908
7 Bande Mataram ­ II
8 Karmayogin (Political Writings and Speeches 1909-1910)
9 Writings in Bengali and Sanskrit
10 Record of Yoga ­ I
11 Record of Yoga ­ II

Essays Divine and Human Writings
(Writings from Manuscripts 1910-1950) (formerly The Hour of God and Other Writings)

13 Essays in Philosophy and Yoga
Shorter Works 1910-1950 (formerly The Supramental Manifestation and Other Writings)
14 Vedic Studies
with Writings on Philology
15 The Secret of the Veda
with Selected Hymns
16 Hymns to the Mystic Fire
17 Isha Upanishad
18 Kena and Other Upanishads
19 Essays on the Gita
20 The Renaissance in India
A defence of Indian Culture (formerly The Foundations of Indian Culture)
21 The Life Divine ­ I
22 The Life Divine ­ II
23 The Synthesis of Yoga ­ I
24 The Synthesis of Yoga ­ II
25 The Human Cycle, The Ideal of Human Unity, War and Self-Determination
26 The Future Poetry
with On Quantitative Metre
27 Letters on Poetry and Art
28 Letters on Yoga ­ I
29 Letters on Yoga ­ II
30 Letters on Yoga ­ III
31 The Mother
with Letters on the Mother
32 On Himself
33 Savitri ­ I
34 Savitri ­ II
35 Reference Volume

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Last modified on 31 Oct, 2000