Index to the Integral Yoga Web Site

This index of various links in the Integral Yoga Web Site has been selected to give the viewer a broad overview of topics as well as providing a convenient location for some important features.

The Teaching of Sri Aurobindo
An introduction to the Integral Yoga.

The Auroville Charter
The charter of the international city of Auroville.

Overview of works by Sri Aurobindo
Selections from the major works of Sri Aurobindo.

Overview of works by the Mother
Selections from the major works of the Mother.

The Mother reading from "The Mother"
An audio recording.

Where to buy the books
Booksellers for works by and about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Sanskrit Glossary
This is an index to Sanskrit terms which appear in Sri Aurobindo's works.

Integral Yoga Centers, Organizations and Study Groups
This is a geographical listing of places to find more information, as well as a compilation of small, informal study groups.

On-line Discussion Groups
Mailing lists and other resources.

External Hypertext Links
Links to Similar Web sites.

Pondicherry Map
Regional map, with major Ashram buildings identified.

New Edition Of Savitri
After many years of work, a newly revised edition of Savitri is available.

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