Integral Yoga Literature - By the Mother

Overview of Works by the Mother

Quotations taken from introductions to the works in Collected Works of the Mother.
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Prayers and Meditations


"Prayers and meditations selected by the Mother from her diaries of 1912 to 1919... " The Mother says of them, "This book is meant for those who aspire for an utter consecration to the Divine."

Words of Long Ago


This volume contains works by the Mother before she settled in Pondicherry in 1920.

Questions and Answers


The Mother met with disciples over the years, sometimes after meditation, sometimes for more structured talks and classes. Many of the questions and answers were copied down. These form a large and important portion of the Mother's detailed instructions on the spiritual life.

On Thoughts and Aphorisms


"The Mother's commentaries on Sri Aurobindo's Thoughts and Aphorisms were given over the twelve year period extending from 1958 to 1970."

The Agenda

Entire Text (link to outside site)

The Mother had conversations in French with Satprem during the period 1961-1973. These were tape-recorded, and subsequently transcribed. The work of translating them into English still continues. The Agenda forms an important part of the published words of the Mother during this period, and is regarded by many as a key to her later spiritual work.

Notebook on Evolution (compilation)

An anonymous, selected compilation of the words of the Mother on transformation, taken from The Agenda.

On the Dhammapada


"From August 1957 to September 1958, in a weekly class with the children of the Ashram school, the Mother read from and commented on the Buddhist teachings as contained in the Dhammapada. The Mother based her commentaries on a French translation of the Pali text. The commentaries, given in French, were tape-recorded at the time."

Notes on the Way


Volume 11 of "The Mother's Collected Works". Comprises conversations of the transformation of the body, documenting Mother's own experiences from the years 1961 - 1973. This is an unparalleled account of the actual process of supramentalisation and the transformation of the physical body.

On Education


Volume 12 of "The Mother's Collected Works" contains the Mother's articles and talks on education. Many first appeared in the Bulletin of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education.

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