Integral Yoga Literature - By Sri Aurobindo

Contents of Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library

(Note: there is another edition of the collected works of Sri Aurobindo currently in publication by the Pondicherry Ashram, and a new edition (Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo) for which some volumes have been released, but some are still forthcoming.)

Volume 1 Bande Mataram, Early Political Writings -- I (1893-1908): New Lamps for Old; Bhawani Mandir; The Doctrine of Passive Resistance; editorials and comments from the Bande Mataram; Speeches.

Volume 2 Karmayogin, Early Political Writings -- II (1909-1910): Uttarpara Speech; the Ideal of the Karmayogin; An Open Letter to My Countrymen; other essays, notes and comments from the Karmaygin; Speeches.

Volume 3 The Harmony of Virtue, Early Cultural Writings: The Harmony of Virtue; Bankim Chandra Chatterjee; The Sources of Poetry and Other Essays; Valmiki and Vyasa; Kalidasa; The Brain of India; Essays from the Karmayogin; Art and Literature; Passing Thoughts; Conversations of the Dead.

Volume 4 Writings in Bengali: Hymn to Durga; Poems; Stories; The Veda; The Upanishads; The Puranas; The Gita; Dharma; Nationalism; Editorials from Dharma; Stories of Jail Life; Letters.

Volume 5 Collected Poems, The Complete Poetical Works: Short Poems; Sonnets; Longer Poems; On Quantitative Metre; Ilion; Poems in New Metres; Metrical Experiments

Volume 6 Collected Plays and Short Stories, Part One: Perseus the Deliverer; Vasavadutta; Rodogune; Eric

Volume 7 Collected Plays and Short Stories, Part Two: The Viziers of Bassora; Prince of Edur; The Maid in the Mill; The House of Brut; The Prince of Mathura; The Birth of Sin; Vikramorvasie (The Hero and the Nymph). Short Stories: Idylls of the Occult: The Phantom Hour; The Door at Abelard; The Devil's Mastiff; The Golden Bird. Juvenilia.

Volume 8 Translations, From Sanskrit and Other Languages: From Sanskrit: passages from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, Kalidasa; The Century of Life (The Nitishataka of Bhartrihari): etc. From Bengali: Songs of Bidyapati; Bande Mataram (Hymn to the Mother); thirteen chapters from Anandamath (Bankim Chandra Chatterji's novel); etc. From Tamil: opening of the The Kural, etc. From Greek and Latin: opening of the Odyssey, etc.

Volume 9 The Future Poetry and Letters on Poetry, Literature and Art.

Volume 10 The Secret of the Veda: The Secret of the Veda; Selected Hymns; Hymns of the Atris; Other Hymns; Interpretation of the Veda; The Origins of Aryan Speech.

Volume 11 Hymns to the Mystic Fire: Foreward; The Doctrine of the Mystics; Translations (Hymns to Agni from the Rig-veda translated in their esoteric sense); Supplement.

Volume 12 The Upanishads, Texts, Translations and Commentaries: Philosophy of the Upanishads; On translating the Upanishads; The Upanishads; Early translations of some Vedantic Texts; Supplement.

Volume 13 Essays on the Gita: First Series. Second Series, Part One: The Synthesis of Works, Love and Knowledge; Part Two: The Supreme Secret.

Volume 14 The Foundations of Indian Culture and the Renaissance in India: Is India Civilised?; A Rationalistic Critic on Indian Culture; A Defence of Indian Culture (Religion and Spirituality, Indian Art, Indian Literature, Indian Polity); Indian Culture and External Influence; The Renaissance in India.

Volume 15 Social and Political Thought: The Human Cycle; The Ideal of Human Unity; War and Self-Determination.

Volume 16 The Supramental Manifestation and Other Writings: The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth; The Problem of Rebirth; Evolution; The Superman; Ideals and Progress; Heraclitus; Thoughts and Glimpses; Question of the Month from the Arya; The Yoga and Its Objects.

Volume 17 The Hour of God and Other Writings: The Hour of God; Evolution -- Psychology -- The Supermind; On Yoga; Thoughts and Aphorisms; Essays Divine and Human; Education and Art; Premises of Astrology; Reviews; Da yananda -- Bankim -- Tilak -- Andal -- Nammalwar; Historical Impressions; Notes from the Arya.

Volume 18 The Life Divine, Book One and Book Two, Part One. Book One: Omnipresent Reality and the Universe; Book Two: The Knowledge and the Ignorance -- The Spiritual Evolution; Part I: The Infinite Consciousness and the Ignorance.

Volume 19 The Life Divine, Book Two part Two: The Knowledge and the Spiritual Evolution.

Volume 20 The Synthesis of Yoga, Parts One and Two: Introduction: The Conditions of the Synthesis; part I: The Yoga of Divine Works; Part II: The Yoga of Integral Knowledge.

Volume 21 The Synthesis of Yoga, Parts Three and Four. Part III: The Yoga of Divine Love; Part IV: The Yoga of Self-Perfection.

Volume 22 Letters on Yoga, Part One: The Supramental Evolution; Integral Yoga and Other Paths; Religion, Morality, Idealism and Yoga; Reason, Science and Yoga; Planes and Parts of the Being; The Divine and the Hostile Powers; The Purpose of Avatarhood; Rebirth; Fate and Free-Will, Karma and Heredity, etc.

Volume 23 Letters on Yoga, Parts Two and Three. Part Two: The Object of Integral Yoga; Synthetic Method and the Integral Yoga; Basic Requisites of the Path; The Foundations of Sadhana; Sadhana Through Work; Sadhana Through Meditation; Sadhana Through Love and Devotion; Human Relationships in Yoga; Sadhana in the Ashram and Outside; Part Three: Experiences and Realisations; Visions and Symbols; Experiences of the Inner and the Cosmic Consciousness.

Volume 24 Letters on Yoga, Part Four: The Triple Transformation -- Psychic, Spiritual Supramental; Transformation of the Mind; Transformation of the Vital; Transformation of the Physical; Transformation of the Subconscient and the Inconscient; Difficulties of the Path; Opposition of the Hostile Powers.

Volume 25 The Mother: With Letters on the Mother and Prayers and Meditations (translations from Prieres et Meditations de la Mere).

Volume 26 On Himself, Compiled from Notes and Letters: Part One: Sri Aurobindo on Himself: Life Before Pondicherry; Beginnings of Yoga; His Path and Other Paths; Sadhana for the Earth-Consciousness; The Master and the Guide; The Poet and the Critic; Reminiscences and Observations; Messages; Some Early Letters; Part Two: Sri Aurobindo on Himself and on the Mother: Leaders of Evolution; Identity of Their Consciousness; Difficulties of the Path-finders; Helpers on the Way.

Volume 27 Supplement: Supplementary material arranged by volume.

Volume 28 Savitri -- A Legend and a Symbol, part One: The Book of Beginnings; The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds; The Book of the Divine Mother.

Volume 29 Savitri -- A Legend and a Symbol, Parts Two and Three. Part Two: The Book of Birth and Quest; The Book of Love; The Book of Fate; The Book of Yoga; The Book of Death; Part Three: The Book of Eternal Night; The Book of the Double Twilight; The Book of Everlasting Day; Epilogue: The Return to Earth; Sri Aurobindo's Letters on Savitri.

Volume 30 Index and Glossary: Sri Aurobindo, a Life Sketch; Chronology; Contents of the Centenary Library; Bibliography; List of Essays, Speeches and Shorter Works; Title Index of Poems; Index; Glosary of Sanskrit Terms; etc.

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