Integral Yoga Literature - By the Mother

Collected Works of the Mother

Tables of Contents are taken from each individual volume. Links are to Publisher's Note on each volume, which gives detailed information about the history of the pieces in that volume.

Volume 1 Prayers and Meditations

Volume 2 Words of Long Ago: Part 1; Part 2, Meetings; Part 3; Part 4, Prayers and Meditations; Part 5, Notes and Reflections; Part 6; Part 7, Tales of All Times; Appendix

Volume 3 Questions and Answers: 1929; 1930-31; On the Dhammapada; Appendix.

Volume 4 Questions and Answers 1950-51:

Volume 5 Questions and Answers 1953:

Volume 6 Questions and Answers 1954:

Volume 7 Questions and Answers 1955:

Volume 8 Questions and Answers 1956:

Volume 9 Questions and Answers 1957-58:

Volume 10 On Thoughts and Aphorisms: Jnana (Knowledge) First Period of commentaries (1958); Jnana (Knowledge) Second Period of commentaries (1960-61); Jnana (Knowledge) Third Period of Commentaries (1962-66); Jnana (Knowledge) Fourth Period of Commentaries (1969-70); Karma (Works) Fourth Period of Commentaries (1969-70); Bhakti (Devotion) Fourth Period of Commentaries (1969-70).

Volume 11 Notes on The Way: 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973.

Volume 12 On Education: Part One: Articles; Part Two: Messages, Letters and Conversations; Part Three: Dramas.

Volume 13 Words of the Mother: Part One: Sri Aurobindo; Part Two: The Mother; Part Three: Sri Aurobindo Ashram; Part Four: Auroville; Part Five: India; Part Six: Nations other than India.

Volume 14 Words of the Mother: Part One: Man's Relationship with the Divine; Part Two: The Pathe of Yoga; Part Three: Elements of Yoga; Part Four: Difficulties; Part Five: Human Relationships; Part Six: Work; Part Seven: Parts of the Being.

Volume 15 Words of the Mother: Part One: Letters, Messages and Other Short Written Statements; Part Two: Conversations.

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