Integral Yoga Literature - By the Mother

Collected Works of the Mother -- Publisher's Note

Volume 5


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Between June 1951 and March 1953 there were no "Questions and Answers", but what have been called the "Translation Classes" in which Mother translated into French certain works of Sri Aurobindo, including The Ideal of Human Unity, The Human Cycle, the last six chapters of The Life Divine and a portion of The Synthesis of Yoga. However, during this period Mother continued to have talks with the children, but they were not consistently recorded.

Mother used to be present in the evenings at the playground of the Ashram during the training of the captains of the Department of Physical Education. While she watched their exercises, some children came and sat by her side; they were a new generation, much younger than the one present during the previous talks in 1950-51. They began to put questions to her. As their numbers increased Mother met them at a class on every Wednesday. Later, teachers and disciples joined the children, and when the classroom became too crowded, the meetings were held in the open playground. In this way what have been called the "Wednesday Classes" began in March 1953 and continued till November 1958.

The first eight talks in 1953 were noted down by disciples, the rest were tape-recorded.

During the 1953 talks Mother usually read a text from one of her own works, then commented upon it or answered questions about it. Most of the textual quotations in this volume are from her talks in 1929; formerly they were entitled Conversations with the Mother, Words of the Mother and lastly Conversations, but here they are referred to as Questions and Answers 1929, the title given to them for the Collected Works of the Mother.

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