Integral Yoga Literature - By the Mother

Collected Works of the Mother -- Publisher's Note

Volume 1


The contents of this document are copyright 1976, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry, India. You may make a digital copy or printout of this text for your personal, non-commercial use under the condition that you copy this document without modifications and in its entirety, including this copyright notice.

This volume contains the prayers and meditations selected for publication by the Mother from her diaries of 1912 to 1919, and five prayers of a later period. They were first published in 1932 under the title Prieres et Meditations de la Mere.

The present volume is a new translation of the text, except for the prayers translated by Sri Aurobindo or revised and published under his guidance. These prayers are identified by an asterisk sign (*).

Further details may be found in the Bibliographical Note at the back.

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Last modified on Aug 11, 1995