Integral Yoga Organizations in Canada


Auroville International Canada

2164 Amherst
Montreal, Quebec H2L 3L8

Claude Daviault 514-526-2600 (home)
Fax : 514-526-2813 (home) 514-391-4030 (work)
Website :
Fund Raising Organization
Founded in 1971 with a Charity status to support Auroville and to promote yoga. We send out a bulletin twice a year for AVI-Canada's members and friends.
Additional Information:
Future plans:
1) Move forward on the Canadian Pavilion project in Auroville.
2) Host an AVI meeting in Canada in 2005.
3) Open a boutique and /or an office, (we currently operate out of a private residence).
4) Open internal divisions in other provinces of Canada.
How you can help: Donations, lecturers, and help to move forward on the Canadian Pavilion project.
Official Affiliations:
Auroville Information Office

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Last modified on 20 June 2002