Auroville - Services

Auroville has established many basic services over the years. One of the first services, Pour Tous (meaning "for all") was established as a food-purchasing and distribution service. The Entry and Visa Service receives newcomers and processes visa applications, the Auroville Greenwork Resource Center oversees land management and utilization, and Aurofuture coordinates town planning. Other services include the Auroville Health Center, the Electrical and Water Service, and a Financial Service that facilitates financial exchanges.

In addition, the Farms and Dairy Group produces food for Auroville; the mechanical workshop repairs vehicles and equipment; and there are a bakery, a library, an information service for visitors, and a construction service. One of the most recent services is Abundance, a project-writing and consultation service designed to improve the quality of project proposals coming from Auroville.

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Last modified on 27 Feb 1996