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AIM Booklets

The list of the available reprints of the All India Magazine, popularly known as the AIM Booklets, edited by K.C. Anand, is available on request.

Compiled by Dr. A.S. Dalal with an Introduction

Title Pages Desc.
Living Within
(179 pp.) Some of principles and methods of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga for overcoming psychological disturbances and for attaining positive mental health.
Hidden Forces of Life
(203 pp.) On the hidden forces which, though men are almost totally unaware, act on men influencing their thoughts, feelings and actions, determining the course of events in life.
The Psychic Being
(230 pp.) On the inner constitution of the human being and on various related questions such as: inner growth, the after- life, rebirth; etc.
Growing Within
(192 pp.) On the meaning, nature and the psychological processes of inner growth which will help seekers in understanding and also in fostering inner development.
Looking from Within
(185 pp.) On the basic attitudes for mastery and inner growth.

Compiled by Vijay

Yoga in Everyday Life Series. Simple passages with a practical orientation on specific subjects. The thirteen booklets (each 28 pp.) published so far are:

Title Pages Desc.
Yoga; Prayer and Japa; Aspiration, Surrender and Grace; Transformation
Meditation; Food; Money; Work; Sleep and Dreams
Helping Humanity; Illness _ Causes and Cure; Illness and Perfect Health
On Education
(168 pp.) Essays on the principles and methods of education including `A System of National Education' by Sri Aurobindo; `The Science of Living', `Four Austerities and Four Liberations', by The Mother.
On Women
(126 pp.) Significant passages on this important but highly misunderstood subject.
Light for Students
(140 pp.) Selections giving the students a new insight into the life.
Prayers and Mantras
(120 pp.) A collection of prayers and mantras given by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for the spiritual seekers.

Other Compilations

Title Pages Desc.
Eternal Birth in Human Time
(32 pp.) Photographs and quotations outlining the Mother's life.
On Love
(49 pp.) Comp. Pavitra. Passages revealing to the readers the true nature and movements of one of the great universal forces: Love.
On Sanskrit
(16 pp.) Selections in both English and Sanskrit.
Aspiring Swan
(147 pp.) Comp. Roshan and Apurva. Birthday messages to Champaklal and Kamala.
The Growth of a Flame
(73 pp.) Ed. Roshan. A Collection of letters to Kamala which will be a source of inspiration and guidance to all the aspirants of Sri Aurobindo's yoga
The Hierarchy of Minds
(174 pp.) Comp. Jyoti and Prem Sobel. On the levels of mind.
A New Education for a New Consciousness
(247 pp.) All significant writings on not only what is meant by `education' today but what it would imply in future with the gradual emergence of the new cons- ciousness, as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo.
A Divine Life Manifesto
(285 pp.) Compiled from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother with notes on an integral education for a divine life.
A Practical Guide to Integral Yoga
(337 pp.) Comp. Manibhai. Selections to help the aspirants and practitioners of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga.
Centenary Exhibition Set
(78 pp.) A set of 75 posters with photographs depicting the life of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and the activities of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram

On Special Themes

Title Pages Desc.
Eternal Wisdom
(596 pp.) Central sayings of great thinkers and sages of the East and West, spanning a period of five thousand years and representing a wide spectrum of spiritual and philosophic traditions.
Ever to the New and the Unknown
(330 pp.) Commemorative volume of the fiftieth anniversary of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, with selections from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, essays on the various facets of the Centre, articles by the teachers and former students on various subjects in the light of Sri Aurobindo,and their reminiscences.
Flowers: Their Spiritual Significances
(96 pp.) Ed. Vijay. Spiritual significance of flowers as revealed by the Mother, with numerous photo- graphs, illustrations, charts.etc.
How to bring up a child
(64 pp. with photographs and illustrations) Ed. Vijay. Answering some fundamental questions on the crucial but yet obscure field of child's education.
India is One
(96 pp. with photographs and illustrations) Ed. Vijay. From several authors who have loved India expressing the view: India _ one and indivisible.
Whispers of Nature
(87 pp. with photographs and illustrations) Ed. Vijay. Selections to develop a deeper insight and love for Nature.
Love's Rainbow
(46 pp.) Ed. Sunil and Elia On various aspects of Love

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