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Works of Other Authors


Title Author Pages
Sri Aurobindo Navajata (82pp.)
Sri Aurobindayan Nirodbaran (117 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo for All Ages Nirodbaran (241 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consciousness Satprem (381 pp.)
The Life of Sri Aurobindo A.B. Purani (440 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo _ His Life Unique Rishabhchand (427 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo in Baroda Roshan & Apurva (182 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo: The Story of His Life Tehmi (95 pp.)
On the Mother Dr. K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar (924 pp.)
The Mother -- A Short Biography Wilfried (104 pp.)
An Early Chapter in the Mother's Life M.P. Pandit (284 pp.)

On Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Title Author Pages Description
Sri Aurobindo Manoj Das (88 pp.) 
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother -- A Brief Introduction Vijay (80 pp.) 
Sri Aurobindo -- His Teachings and Yoga M.M. Bhattacharya (39) 
Sri Aurobindo Came to Me Dilip Kumar Roy (556 pp.) 
Sri Aurobindo The Smiling Master J.K.Mukherjee (441 pp.) 
Flame of white light T.V.K. Sastry (59 pp.) with twenty-six photographs of the Mother. 
Beautiful Vignettes of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Shyam Kumari (197 pp.) 
More Vignettes of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Shyam Kumari (201 pp.) 
How they came to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Vol. 1 Shyam Kumari (257 pp.) 
Vol. 2   (256 pp.) 
Vol. 3   (257 pp.) 
Vol. 4   (257 pp.) 
Light and Laughter Amal Kiran and Nirodbaran (126 pp.) Reminiscences told with abundant splashes of wit and humour
The Light that Shone into the Dark AbyssMaggi Lidchi Grassi (144 pp.)An account of Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's work during the second world war, both on the occult and the practical plane.
The Mother and Her Mission M.P.Pandit (252 pp.) 
Memorable Contacts with the Mother Nirodbaran (190 pp.) 
My Mother Surendranath Jauhar (140 pp.) 
Sweet Mother Nolini Kanta Gupta (271pp.) 
Sweet Mother II Nolini Kanta Gupta (503 pp.) 
Sweet Mother: Harmonies of Light. Part 1   (41 pp)  
Mother of Love 1 M.P.Pandit (243 pp.) 
Mother of Love 2 M.P.Pandit (251 pp.) 
Mother of Love 3 M.P.Pandit (318 pp.) 
Mother and I M.P.Pandit (271 pp.)  
To Read Sri Aurobindo:Why and How Samar Basu (22 pp.) 
Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo Nirodbaran (334 pp.) 
Vignettes of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Shyam Kumari (177 pp.) 

On the Ashram / Auroville

Title Author Pages Description
Sri Aurobindo and His Ashram   (50 pp.) 
Deluxe edition with colour photographs.      
Auroville -- A Dream Takes Shape Ed.Alan H. (33 pp.) 
Auroville : The City of Dawn (202 pp.) 
A House for the Third Millennium R. Lohman (100 pp.) Essays on the Matrimandir, Auroville.
Guide to Sri Aurobindo Ashram   (with map) 

On Disciples

Title Author Pages
Amal Kiran: Poet and Critic Ed. Nirodbaran and R.Y. Deshpande (457 pp.)
Amrita   (107 pp.)
Tributes to Nolini Kanta Gupta Ed. Nirodbaran (118 pp.)
Champaklal as an Artist   (87 pp. with colour plates)
Champaklal : Lion of Light and Love Dr. V.M. Reddy (127 pp.)
An Extraordinary Girl Nirodbaran (184pp.)
Nirodbaran: Sadhak and Poet Ed. Arabinda Basu and R.Y. Deshpande (119 pp.)
A Spirit Indomitable Ed. Mona Sarkar (147 pp.)
Surendranath Jauhar: His Life and Works   (464 pp.)
The Wonder that is K.D. Sethna alias Amal Kiran J.K. Mukherjee (39 pp.)


Title Author Pages
From Crisis to Liberation Dr. H. Maheshwari The Gita's Gospel in Sri Aurobindo's Light. (188 pp.)
The Lore of Mahabharata: The story of the Mahabharata in a new light A. Bhattacharya (436 pp.)
Mandukya Upanishad K.D. Sethna (48 pp.)
Thoughts on the Gita M.P. Pandit (316 pp.)
The Vedic Epiphany (vol.1) Dr.V.M. Reddy (414 pp.)
The Vedic Epiphany (vol.2) Dr. V.M. Reddy (572 pp.)
The Vedic Epiphany (vol.3) Dr.V.M.Reddy (311)
Vedic Hymns Nolini Kanta Gupta (283 pp.)
Yoga of the Rishis Dr.V.M. Reddy (144pp.)

Philosophy and Metaphysics

Title Author Pages
Aspects of Sri Aurobindo K.D. Sethna (275 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo's Life Divine: Lectures A.B. Purani (282 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo's Life Divine : A Brief Study and Other Essays V.Chandrasekharam (136 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Evolution Dr. V.M. Reddy (385 pp.)
Aid to the Reading of The Life Divine S.S. Ramamurthy (15 pp.)
Beyond Religion Dr.V.M.Reddy (91 pp.)
Commentaries on Sri Aurobindo's Thought M.P. Pandit (4 Vols)
The Destiny of the Body J.K. Mukherjee (419 pp.)
Divine Life in a Divine Body Navajata (263 pp.)
The Dynamic Absolute Dr.Dilip Kumar Roy (165 pp.)
Evolution and the Earthly Destiny Nolini Kanta Gupta (378 pp.)
Footnotes to the Future Dr.V.M.Reddy (262 pp.)
From Man Human to Man Divine J.K. Mukherjee (250 pp.)
An Introduction to Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy Dr. J.P. Ockham (143 pp.)
An Introduction to the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo S.K. Maitra (73 pp.)
Legends in the Life Divine M.P.Pandit (284 pp.)
Letters from a Baul Anirvan (207 pp.)
Lights from Nolini Kanta Gupta (293 pp.)
Man: Towards His Splendid Destiny Ed. Samar Basu (140 pp.)
The Meeting of East and West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy Dr. S.K. Maitra (470 pp.)
The New Age Ed.Dr.Kishor Gandhi (626 pp.)
Purushottam Yoga Dr.V.M.Reddy (190 pp.)
Science, Materialism, Mysticism K.D.Sethna (356 pp.)
Selected Works of M.P.Pandit Vol.1   (501pp.)
Vol.2   (501pp.)
Vol.3   (640 pp.)
Vol.4   (501pp.)
Seven Studies in Sri Aurobindo Dr.V.M. Reddy (240 pp.)
Talks on the Life Divine Pt.1 M.P.Pandit (185 pp.)
Talks on the Life Divine Pt.2 M.P.Pandit (630 pp.)
The Technology of Consciousness Shraddhalu (34 pp.)
The Vision and Work of Sri Aurobindo K.D. Sethna (238 pp.)


Title Author Pages
Aurograms Yvonne Artaud (138 pp.)
Art of Living M.P. Pandit (204 pp.)
At the Feet of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo Sahana (230 pp.)
The Book of Universality Chow Tun Yi (70 pp.)
Dhyana M.P.Pandit (60 pp.)
Dynamics of Yoga Pt.1 M.P.Pandit (182)
Dynamics of Yoga Pt.2 M.P.Pandit (183)
Heart of Sadhana M.P. Pandit (124 pp.)
How Do I Begin? M.P. Pandit (52 pp.)
How do I Proceed? M.P.Pandit (60 pp.)
Japa M.P. Pandit (47 pp.)
Life Beautiful M.P.Pandit (130 pp.)
Meditations on the Divine Mother Dr. V.M. Reddy (178 pp.)
My Supreme Discovery Surendra Nath Jauhar (10 pp.)
On Meditation and Discipline Pavitra (14 pp.)
Prayers T.V.K. Sastry (87 pp.)
Inspired Thoughts Ed.Nirankar (105 pp.)
Sidelights on Sri Aurobindo M.P.Pandit (220 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga Samar Basu (24 pp.)
Spiritual Life : Theory and Practice M.P.Pandit (252 pp.)
Prayers and Aspirations Champaklal (52 pp.)
Spiritual Communion M.P.Pandit (455 pp.)
Visions of Champaklal Roshan and Apurva (197 pp.)
Visions and Voices Amrita (50 pp.)
The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo I to VII Nolini Kanta Gupta (434 pp.)
Yoga for Modern Man M.P.Pandit (115 pp.)
Yoga of Transformation M.P.Pandit (134 pp.)

Social and Political Thought

Title Author Pages
And So This Happens Samar Basu (50 pp.)
The Beginning of the History for Israel K.D. Sethna (238 pp.)
The Caste System of India Dr. Soumitra Basu (20 pp.)
The Coming Race and Other Essays Nolini K. Gupta (406 pp.)
Contemporary Crisis of Humanity Kireet Joshi (20 pp.)
Concept of Personality in Sri Aurobindo's Yoga Joseph Vrinte (224)
Economics Natural J.N.Mukherjee (132 pp.)
The Fallacy of Karl Marx Dr. Kishor Gandhi (66 pp.)
Human Quest for Unity and Harmony Dr.H.Maheshwari (30 pp.)
India, Youth and Integration Ed.Nirankar (207 pp.)
Integral Yoga Psychology Dr. V.M. Reddy (149 pp.)
Hindu Muslim Unity Dr.M.Nadkarni (27 pp.)
Into the 21st Century Shraddhalu (18 pp.)
Karpasa in Prehistoric India K.D. Sethna (203 pp.)
Management by Consciousness Ed.Dr.G.P.Gupta (202 pp.)
Meta-History Dr. V.M. Reddy (176 pp.)
Psychology, Mental Health and Yoga Dr. A.S. Dalal (166 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo and Modern Times T.P.Rao (24 pp.)
Social Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo Dr. Kishor Gandhi (413 pp.)
Social and Political Evolution of Man Samar Basu (116 pp.)
Towards the Light of the Supreme Samar Basu (57 pp.)
Towards a Global Future Dr.V.M. Reddy (91 pp.)
Triple Gospel and World Peace Samar Basu (26 pp.)


Title Author Pages
Aesthetic Vision of Sri Aurobindo Dr.H.R.Justa (192 pp.)
Adventures in Criticism K.D.Sethna (113 pp.)
The Ancient Tale of Savitri R.Y. Deshpande (48 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo His Mind and Art Dr.Kalaamani (200 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo and the Poets of the Dawn D.Venkateswar Rao (236 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo's Poetry and Sanskrit Rhetoric J.K. Mukherjee (59 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo's Prose Style Goutam Ghosal (154 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo On Shakespeare K.D. Sethna (124 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo - His Poetry and Poetic Theory Dr. Prem Tyagi (214 pp.)
Sri Aurobindo's Plays - A Thematic Study Dr. S.S. Jaiswal (260 PP.)
Battle for Light (A play) Narayan Prasad ( 58 pp.)
Blake's Tyger K.D. Sethna (275 pp.)
Demeter and Persephone (A Mystery Play) Themis (77 pp.)
The English Language and the Indian Spirit Correspondence between K.D. Sethna and Kathleen Raine (70 pp.)
The Indian Poets and English Poetry Correspondence between K.D. Sethna and Kathleen Raine (291 pp.)
Inspiration and Effort K.D.Sethna (326 pp.)
The Inspiration of 'Paradise Lost' K.D. Sethna (186 pp.)
Life-Poetry-Yoga (Part.1) K.D. Sethna (287 pp.)
Life-Poetry-Yoga (Part.2) K.D. Sethna (336 pp.)
The Obscure and the Mysterious (A research in Mallarm‚'s Symbolist Poetry) K.D. Sethna (203 pp.)
The Poetic Genius of Sri Aurobindo K.D. Sethna (141 pp.)
The Plays of Sri Aurobindo: A Study Dr. S.S. Kulkarni (160 pp.)
Search for Beauty Dr.H.R.Justa (120 pp.)
A Slumber did my Spirit Seal K.D.Sethna (107 pp.)
The Thinking Corner K.D.Sethna (161 pp.)
Talks on Poetry K.D. Sethna (433 pp.)

On Savitri

Title Author Pages
Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: An Approach and A Study A.B. Purani (397 pp.)
A Study of Savitri Dr.Prema Nandakumar (568 pp.)
A Summary of Savitri M.P. Pandit (212 pp.)
Yoga in Savitri M.P. Pandit (236 pp.)
The Book of Beginnings M.P. Pandit (352 pp.)
The Book of the Divine Mother M.P. Pandit (398 pp.)
Dawn to Greater Dawn Dr. K.R.S.Iyengar (128 pp.)
Eternity in Words Rameshwar Gupta (194 pp.)
Introducing Savitri M.P. Pandit (105 pp.)
The Miracle of Descent Rohit Mehta (187 pp.)
Lectures on Savitri A.B. Purani (86 pp.)
Savitri: A Brief Introduction Dr. M. Nadkarni (76 pp.)
A Savitri Dictionary Rand Hicks (55 pp.)
Savitri : Epic of the Eternal Dr. V.M. Reddy (150 pp.)

Literature for the Young

Title Author Pages
Sri Aurobindo: A Dream Dialogue with Children Nirodbaran (232 pp.)
Stories and Plays for Children Sunanda (92 pp.)
Tales of India Part I Dault Pandey (114 pp.)
Part II   (110 pp.)
Part III   (126 pp.)
We Five and Other Tales Sunanda (110 pp.)


Title Author Pages
A Bouquet for my Master Damodar Reddy (114 pp.)
All is Dream-Blaze Dr. R.Y. Deshpande (70 pp.)
Fifty Poems of Nirodbaran (with Sri Aurobindo's comments ) Nirodbaran (128 pp.)
Light of Lights : An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry   (72 pp.)
Poems by Amal Kiran and Nirodbaran(with Sri Aurobindo's comments) Amal Kiran and Nirodbaran (145 pp.)
Poems Themis (175 pp.)
The Rhododendron Valley Dr. R.Y. Deshpande (89 pp.)
The Secret Splendour Collected Poems of K.D.Sethna (784 pp.)
Under the Raintree R.Y.Deshpande (37 pp.)


Title Author Pages
Learn Sanskrit the Natural Way Dr.Narendra (136 pp.)
Bibliography on The Integral Education   (39 pp.)
Education and the Aim of Human Life Pavitra (184 pp.)
Study of the Psychological Foundation of the "Free Progress System" Dr. C.P.Patel (290 pp.)
Chinese Words F.C. Hsu (310 pp.)


Title Author Pages
Basic Aasanas Pranab (32 pp.)
Mind and Vision Dr.R.S. Agarwal (269 pp.)
Our Eyes: Relax and See (23 pp.)
Secrets of Indian Medicine Dr. R.S. Agarwal (240 pp.)
To Combat Fear and Stress Kalu Sarkar (54 pp.)
Yoga of Perfect Sight Dr. R.S. Agarwal (223 pp.)


Title Author Pages
Here is Bliss Huta (25 pp. with colour plates)
Love Treasures I Usha Patel (98 pp. with colour plates)
Namaste Savitri Agni (355 pp.; 98 pp. with colour plates)

Collected Works

Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta (8 volumes)

  1. Vol. 1The Coming Race
  2. Vol. 2 Essays on Poetry and Mysticism
  3. Vol. 3-4 The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo
  4. Vol.5 Light of Lights
  5. Vol.6-7 Sweet Mother
  6. Vol.8 Vedic Hymns.

(Available only as a set)

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