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Works of The Mother

Collected Works of The Mother

Vol.1.Prayers and Meditations.
Early prayers and meditations from diaries of 1912 to 1919.

Vol.2.Words of Long Ago.
Early writings on spiritual life, women, war, etc.

Vol.3.Questions and Answers.
Early conversations with disciples on Yoga and life (1929-1931).

Vols.4-9.Questions and Answers 1950-58.
Six volumes of conversations with students and disciples.

Vol.10.On Thoughts and Aphorisms.
Commentaries on Sri Aurobindo's Thoghts and Aphorisms.

Vol.11.Notes on the Way.
Conversations with a disciple on the Mother's own spiritual experiences between 1961 and 1973.

Vol.12.On Education.
Writings and conversations on education.

Vol.13.Words of the Mother I.
Short written statements on Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, etc.

Vol.14.Words of the Mother II.
Short written statements on Yoga, its demands and difficulties, etc.

Vol.15.Words of the Mother III.
Short written statements on religion, war, wealth, illness, etc.

Vol.16.Some Answers from the Mother.
Correspondence about spiritual life.

Vol.17.More Answers from the Mother.
Letters on various aspects of spiritual life.

Subjects :
Philosophy, Psychology, Occultism, Spirituality, Yoga, Education, Self-Development, etc.

Size :
Hardbound in a convenient size of 10.5 cm X 16 cm

Pages :
Over 6,000 pages

Other Works

Title Pages Description
Flowers and their Messages
(309 pp.) The spiritual names of over eight hundred flowers along with the relevant passages from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on the significance of flowers.
Paintings and Drawings
(198 pp.) Collection of all the paintings and drawings of the Mother. With several colour plates.
Also available as deluxe edition on art paper

Compiled from the Collected Works

Title Pages Description
Burning Brazier
(13 pp.) Ten prayers.
Commmentaries on the Dhammapada
(118 pp.) On most of the central ideas.
Commentaries on the Elements of Yoga
(189 pp.) The text of Sri Aurobindo's Elements of Yoga with the Mother's commentaries.
Commentaries on "The Life Divine"
(230 pp.) On two of the last chapters: "Man and the Evolution", "The Evolution of the Spiritual Man", and the begining of a third chapter "The Triple Transformation".
Education Part I
(205 pp.) Essays and conversations outlining an educational discipline aimed at developing all the principal faculties of the individual.
Education Part II
(245 pp.) Correspondence and conversations, mostly explaining various aspects of the teaching method known as 'free progress system' which is followed at the Ashram school.
Education Part III
(151 pp.) On Physical education.
Glimpses of the Mother's life
(Vol2. 335 pp.) 
Guidance in Work
(121 pp.) Correspondence with a disciple.
Health and Healing in Yoga
(306 pp.) Selections from the writings and talks on the causes and cures of illness, foundations of good health; etc.
Ideal Child; Ideal Parent; Ideal Teacher
(each 16 pp.)  
The Lesson of Life
(182 pp.) Facsimile of the Mother's notes written to a disciple.
Mantras of the Mother
(275 pp.) Facsimile of short messages written by the Mother on a disciple's diary.
The Mother on Herself
(46 pp.) Written statements about the Mother's own life.
More Answers from the Mother
(448 pp.) Deluxe edition bound in raw silk. Volume seventeen of the Mother's Collected Works.
New Year and Christmans Messages
(60 pp.) Ed.M.P.Pandit. Messages given by the Mother between 1933 and 1972.
Notes on the Way
(347 pp.) Recorded conversations on the Mother's own spiritual experiences between 1957 and 1973 known as the Mother's Agenda.
Prayers and Meditations
(82 pp.) A collection of sixty-four prayers and meditations.
Right Attitude in Day-to-day life
(56 pp.)  
Some Answers from the Mother
(477 pp.) Volume sixteen of the Mother's Collected Works.
The Sunlit Path
(194 pp.) A fine collection of enlightening passages on diverse topics.
The Supreme Discovery
(18 pp.) An inspiring piece written in 1912.
Tales of All Times
(138 pp.) Stories written to help children to "discover themselves and follow a path of right and beauty".
Words of Long Ago
(126 pp.) Early writings of the Mother.
Words of the Mother
(Part 1, 134 pp.) On aims and conditions of an integral spiritual life and its method of practice.
Words of the Mother
(Part 2, 144 pp.) On the difficulties of spiritual life and other miscellaneous subjects: religion, morality, government, old age, sleep, dreams, illness; etc.

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