Help on Searching the Sanskrit Glossary

You can use this search engine to search for any word or phrase (Sanskrit or English) that appears anywhere in the sanskrit glossary, whether as a term or as part of a definition.

In every case the result you see will include the term and the complete definition.

By default the search is set to look for whole words or phrases. If you want to search for part of a word (to find "cetasa" in "anirvinnacetasa, for example) choose Simple Substring as your"Type of Search" option.

Use "Max # of matches" option to control the maximum number of matches for your search word. You can choose one of 10, 25, 50 or 100.

You can search for several words at once. Separate your entries by a comma (,) if you want to see results that contain ANY of the terms (logical "or"). Separate your entries by a semicolon (;) if you want to see only definitions which match ALL the words you enter (logical "and").

Words separated by a dash, space or other punctuation are considered "whole" words. So if you use the "Whole Word" option for "Type of search", you will see a result for bhava-karah when you search for bhava. On the other hand, it will not match bhavani or anubhava. For searching the latter, use "Substring Search".

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Last modified on Jul 04, 1996