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These include commentaries on the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, memoirs of living with them, tales of ashram life, commentaries on yoga and the spiritual life, and more.


Amal Kiran, Light and Laughter
Amal Kiran, Talks on Poetry
Agarwal, Secrets of Indian Medicine
Agarwal, Mind and Vision
Agarwal, Yoga of Perfect Eyesight


Basu, Gavesana (Journal for 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992)
Basu, A, Sri Aurobindo, A Garland of Tributes
Basu, S. Man Towards His Splendid Destiny
Basu, S. To Read Sri Aurobindo. Why and How?
Bhaga, Magic Child
Bhattacharya, A. The Lore of Mahabharata
Bruteau, B. Evolution Toward Divinity
Bruteau, B. Worthy is the World


Chaudhuri, Haridas, Sri Aurobindo: The Prophet of Life Divine
Chaudhuri, Haridas, The Philosophy of Integralism
Chaudhuri, Haridas, The Rhythm of Truth
Chaudhuri, Haridas, Prayers of Affirmation
Chaudhuri, Haridas, Indian Culture
Coukoulis, Guru Psychotherapy and Self


Dalal, A.S. Psychology, Mental Health and Yoga
Das, Glimpses of the Mother
Das, Glimpses of the Mother II
Das, M. Sri Aurobindo in the First Decade of the Century
Das, R. Nama-Japa in the Yoga of Transformation
Deshpande, R.Y. The Rhododendron Valley
Donnelly, M. Founding the Life Divine
Doshi, Guidance from Sri Aurobindo


Feuerstein, Georg, Sacred Path


Gandhi, Lights on Life Problems
Gandhi, Kishor, Social Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the New Age
Ghosal, Goutam, Sri Aurobindo's Prose Style
Gilbert, K. The Wisdom of the Veda
Goswami, Chitta, Global Psychology and Counseling
Goswami, C.R. The Soul-Culture in the Upanishad


Heehs, Sri Aurobindo: A Brief Autobiography
Hicks, Savitri: A Dictionary
Huta, Here is Bliss
Huta, White Roses
Hsu, Chinese Words


Iyengar, K.R.S. Sri Aurobindo. A Biography and a History


Jhunjhunwala, S.S. The Gita -- with text, translation, and Sri Aurobindo's Comments


Kealey, Daniel A. Revisioning Environmental Ethics
Kent, Joseph, White Wind
Kumari, Shyam, How They Came to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Vols. 1-3)
Kumari, Shyam, Light from Nolini Kanta Gupta
Kumari, Shyam, Vignettes of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
Kumari, Shyam, More Vignettes of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother


Lohman, House for the Third Millenium


Maheshwari, Bhagavad Gita in the Light of Sri Aurobindo
Maheshware, From Crisis to Liberation
Maitra, S.K. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
Maitra, S.K. Meeting of East and West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy
McDermott, Essential Aurobindo, The
Mehta, R. The Miracle of Descent
Mitra, S. The Liberator -- Sri Aurobindo
Mitra, S. Sri Aurobindo and the New World
Mukherjee, Destiny of the Body
Mukherjee, From Man Human to Man Divine
Mukherjee, Sri Aurobindo's Poetry and Sanskrit Rhetoric


Nandakumar, P. Our Mother
Navajata, A Divine Life in a Divine Body
Navajata, Sri Aurobindo
Nirodbaran, Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo (Vol 1 and 2)
Nirodbaran, Memorable Contacts with the Mother
Nirodbaran, Mrinalini Devi
Nirodbaran, Sri Aurobindayan
Nirodbaran, Sri Aurobindo for All Ages
Nirodbaran, Sri Aurobindo: Humor
Nirodbaran, Talks with Sri Aurobindo (Vols. 1-4)
Nirodbaran, Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo
Nolini, A Century's Salutation to Sri Aurobindo
Nolini, Six Talks
Nolini, Parables from the Upanishads
Nolini, To the Heights
Nolini, Seer Poets -- Vers Les Hauteurs
Nolini, Evolution and the Earthly Destiny


Panday, The Tales of India
Pandit, M.P. An Early Chapter in the Mother's Life
Pandit, M.P. Bases of Tantra Sadhana
Pandit, M.P. Champaklal's Treasures
Pandit, M.P. Commentaries on Sri Aurobindo's Thought
Pandit, M.P. Demands of Sadhana
Pandit, M.P. Dictionary of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga
Pandit, M.P. Glossary
Pandit, M.P. Heart of Sadhana
Pandit, M.P. How Do I Begin?
Pandit, M.P. How Do I Proceed?
Pandit, M.P. Kundalini Yoga
Pandit, M.P. Life Beautiful
Pandit, M.P. Readings in Savitri (Vols. 1-10)
Pandit, M.P. Spiritual Communion
Pandit, M.P. Sri Aurobindo and His Yoga
Pandit, M.P. Talks on the Life Divine (Vols. 1 and 2)
Pandit, M.P. Tell Us of the Mother
Pandit, M.P. The Yoga of Love
Pandit, M.P. The Yoga of Works
Pandit, M.P. Vedic Symbolism
Pavitra, Education and the Aim of Human Life
Pavitra, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother On Love
Prasad, An Introduction to the Vedas and the Upanishads
Prasad, The Gita for the Youth
Prasad, Education for a New Life
Purani, Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo Available on outside web site.
Purani, Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: An Approach and A Study
Purani, Sri Aurobindo: Some Aspects of His Vision
Purani, Sri Aurobindo In England
Purani, The Life of Sri Aurobindo


Ranade, The Technology of Consciousness
Reddy, Meta-History
Reddy, Yoga of the Rishis
Reddy, Celebration Future
Reddy, Footnotes to the Future
Reddy, Towards a Global Future
Reddy, Integral Yoga Psychology
Reddy, V. Madhusudan, The Vedic Epiphany
Richabhchand, Sri Aurobindo: His Life Unique
Richabhchand, The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo (Vol 1 and 2)
Richabhchand, The Divine Collaborators
Richabhchand, In the Mother's Light
Roshan and Apurva, Aspiring Swan
Roshan and Apurva, Sri Aurobindo in Baroda
Roshan and Apurva, Visions of Champaklal
Roy, Sri Aurobindo Came to Me
Roy, The Meaning of Gita
Roy, Anilbaran, The Gita: The Message of the Gita as Interpreted by Sri Aurobindo
Roy, Anilbaran, Sri Aurobindo and the New Age


Sarkar, Mona, A Spirit Indomitable, Light on the Life of Sudhir Kumar Sarkar
Sarkar, Mona, Sweet Mother -- Harmonies of Light
Sastriar, Sri Kapali, Prayers
Sastry, Flame of White Life
Sastry, Versatele Genius
Satprem, Adventure of Consciousness, The
Satprem, By the Body of the Earth or the Sannyasi
Satprem, Life Without Death
Satprem, Mind of the Cells
Satprem, Mirra
Satprem, Mirra the Artist
Satprem, Mirra the Occultist
Satprem, Mother or the Divine Materialism
Satprem, Mother or the Mutation of Death
Satprem, Mother or the New Species
Satprem, My Burning Heart
Satprem, On the Way to Supermanhood
Satprem, Revolt of the Earth, The
Satprem, Evolution II
Satprem, The Veda and Human Destiny
Savitra, Auroville
Sen, Sri Aurobindo on Yoga
Sen, Integral Psychology
Sethna, Altar and Flame
Sethna, Light and Laughter
Sethna, Obscure and the Mysterious
Sethna, Overhead Poetry
Sethna, K.D. Sri Aurobindo On Shakespeare
Sethna, The Vision and Work of Sri Aurobindo
Shankaranarayanan, Sri Chakra
Singh, Sri Aurobindo and Jung
Sobel, The Life Divine Concordance
Sobel, Savitri Concordance
Srivasta, R.S. Sri Aurobindo and the Theories of Evolution
Sunanda, Kiki and Other Stories
Sunanda, Stories and Plays for Children
Sunanda, We Five and Other Tales


Tyberg, J. The Sankrit Key to India's Wisdom


Van Vrekhem, Georges, Beyond the Human Species
Vijay, A Call to the Youth of India
Vijay, Seeds of Light
Vijay, Whispers of Nature


Wifried, The Mother

No Authors:

Eternal Wisdom
Guide to Sri Aurobindo Ashram
How To Bring Up a Child
I am Je Suis Ich bin
Sri Aurobindo and His Ashram
Sri Aurobindo, The Precursor of the Future
Sri Aurobindo, The Story of His Life
Swami Vivekananda and Sri Ramakrishna in Sri Aurobindo's Writings
The Golden Bridge
The Mother on Auroville

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