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Large and small physical centers or organizations devoted to the Integral Yoga

Large centers and organizations
Auroville International and AVI USA Auroville International, large worldwide organization
Auroville Home page for the city
California Institute of Integral Studies Graduate school in San Francisco
Delhi Ashram Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi branch
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Home page for the Pondicherry Ashram. See also their one-page description; another; and their taxi service (Autocare).
Sri Aurobindo Society Large organization based in Pondicherry, many branches in India
Small centers and organizations
Auromira Center in United Kingdom
Center for Integral Education School in southern California
Center for Integral Study Center in Netherlands
Centre of Sri Aurobindo and Mother Center in Moscow
Cultural Integration Fellowship Center in San Francisco
East-West Cultural Center Center in Los Angeles
Gnostic Centre Center in New Delhi
Matagiri Community in New York
Nature's Spirit Community in South Carolina
Sri Aurobindo Association Organization in USA
Sri Aurobindo Excelencia Humana Center in Mexico
Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture Organization in Calcutta
Sri Aurobindo Learning Center Center in Colorado
Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham Center in central California. See also an essay on their center.
Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore Small center in Singapore
Sri Aurobindo Yoga Foundation Center in New Jersey
Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir Center in Kathmandu
The Community Center in St. Petersburg, Russia
Yoga Integral Sri Aurobindo Society of Hong Kong

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Last modified on 20 April, 2002