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The following is from the last chapter of The Essence of Yoga, by Georg Feuerstein:

"Sri Aurobindo...whose integral philosophy is today recognised and appreciated as a monumental synthesis of the highest cultural values of East and West. ...There is an immense wealth of outstanding psychological and spiritual discoveries embedded in his voluminous writings, which stand at the watershed of a new era of yogic culture."

The following quotes are from The Integral Yoga, Sri Aurobindo's Method and Teaching of Practice (1993):

Michael Murphy, Founder, Esalen Institute, author of The Future of the Body:

"Sri Aurobindo's yoga points the way toward the kind of transformative practice we need to realize our greatest potentials. No philosopher or contemplative of modern times has done more to reveal our possibilities for extraordinary life."

Stephen Phillips, Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas, Austin:

"Sri Aurobindo is not only the most original philosopher of modern India -- he was also an accomplished yogi who based his metaphysical vision on his own inner discoveries."

Robert Johnson, author of He and She:

"Sri Aurobindo is one of the most important and influential spiritual figures of our time, whose work deserves to be better known."

Robert McDermott, President, California Institute of Integral Studies:

"Sri Aurobindo serves humanity as a spiritual master who directs and sustains all seekers whose inner aspiration leads them to a yoga as wide and deep as life itself."

The following quotes are from The Integral Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo (1960)

Charles A. Moore, co-editor, A Sourcebook in Indian Philosophy, The Essentials of Buddhist Philosophy, and Philosophy -- East and West. :

"Sri Aurobindo has thus arrived at a comprehensive and, to all intents and purposes, all-inclusive view of the universe and life, providing a world philosophy which in effect brings together the East and the West."

Ninian Smart, author of numerous books on religion and philosophy:

"The massive yet intricate beauty of The Life Divine can conceal itself from us how a paragraph, a sentence even, may contain within itself a vast range of thought. It is part of the genius of the work that its doctrines are exhibited not in a dry, and therefore unilluminating, sequence, but in the manner of a painting: each new brush-stroke gives novel significance to the others, and the features emerge not by being mechanically filled in, but by a kind of patterned growth."

"It is Sri Aurobindo's genius that he has provided a framework of thought which, while it grows out of such ancient concepts as Brahman, purusa, prakrti, prana, etc., yet does not have merely a static view of things, but absorbs the sense, gained from both science and history, of the unfolding of man's spirit."

Swami Sivananda, founder of the Life Divine Society, Rishikesh; author of about 200 books, including Raja Yoga; Hatha Yoga; Kundalini Yoga; Yoga Vedanta Dictionary:

"And it needed the supreme cultural genius of a Sri Aurobindo, the like of whom the spirit and the creative vision of India alone can create, to give a yet bolder or rather the boldest manifestation to a synthesization of insights in philosophic, cultural and religious or spiritual wisdom and experience and to an invaluable integral conception of the triple Reality".

Haridas Chaudhuri, Professor of Philosophy, founder of the Cultural Integration Fellowship, San Francisco, author of numerous books on yoga, society, and philosophy:

"When a great idea is born, it shows limitless capacity for transcending fixed moulds of thought, and for reconciling diverse viewpoints. It goes on growing and expanding, refusing to be confined within the stone walls of any rigidly fixed thought structure. As a living spiritual force it goes on fertilizing the spiritual soil of the world, giving rise to varied forms of practically useful self-expression. ...Sri Aurobindo has given to the world such a living spiritual force, a dynamic truth-vision."

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