Integral Yoga Literature - Book Distributors (SABDA)


Subscriptions to Journals

Title Desc.
All India Magazine (Monthly)
Mother India (Monthly)
The Bulletin of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (Quarterly) English-French
The Advent (Quarterly)
World Union (Quarterly)
The Call Beyond (Quarterly)
"Awakening to the Beauty of the Future" (Monthly)
New Approach to Medicine and Health (NAMAH) Bi-annual
SABDA Newsletter (Bi-annual)
Gavesana (Annual)

The subscription for the journals may be sent to SABDA, Pondicherry. However, in case of non-receipt of any journal, subscribers are requested to write directly to the respective office of the journal at the address given in it.

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Last modified on Feb. 20, 1997