Lord, Thou hast willed, and I execute:
A new light breaks upon the earth,
A new world is born.
The things that were promised are fulfilled.

First Supramental Manifestation

[Ashram Playground, February 29, 1956.]

This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was there present amongst you. I had a form of living gold, as big as the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door which separated the world from the Divine.

As I looked at the door, I knew and willed, in a single movement of consciousness, that "the time has come," and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow, one single blow, on the door, and the door was shattered to pieces.

Then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow.

A Supramental Entity

[Notation of a personal experience, 7 months later.]

A supramental entity had taken possession of me entirely.

Something a little taller than myself: its feet extended below my feet and its head went a little beyond my head.

A solid block with a rectangular base — a rectangle with a square baseone single piece.

A light, not like the golden light of the Supramental: rather a kind of phosphorescence. I felt that had it been night, it would have been physically visible.

And it was denser than my physical body; the physical body seemed to me almost unreal, as if crumbly, like sand.

I would have been incapable of speaking. Words seemed so petty, narrow, ignorant.

I could see (how shall I put it?) the successive preparations that had taken place in anterior beings in order to arrive at this.

The experience of February 29 was general; but this was intended for me.

An experience I had never had.

I am beginning to see what the supramental body will be.

I had had a somewhat similar experience at the time of the union of the supreme creative principle with the physical consciousness. But that was a subtle experience, while this was material — in the body.

I did not have the experience; I did not watch it — I was it.

And it radiated from me: myriad of little sparks penetrating everybody. I saw them enter into each one of those present.

One more step.

The New Freedom of the Body

There are all sorts of freedoms — mental freedom, vital freedom, and spiritual freedom — which are the result of successive masteries. But there is a new freedom that has become possible with the Supramental Manifestation — the freedom of the body. I am talking about a new phenomenon in the body, in the cells of the body. For the first time, the cells themselves have felt that they were free, that they had the power to decide.

In its normal state, the body lives with an impression of not being its own master. Diseases invade it without its really being able to prevent their entry, and a thousand factors exert their influence on it, bear on it. Once the disease has entered, it can struggle and overcome the disease. But this is a defensive power, a reactive power against an enemy that is already inside. It isn't real freedom.

During the flu epidemic, for instance, I spent every day in the midst of people who carried germs. And one day I distinctly felt that the body was making the decision not to catch this flu. It was asserting its autonomy. This was not a higher Will making the decision, nor did it have anything to do with the highest consciousness; it was the body itself deciding. Up above, in the higher consciousness, one can see and know things, but the moment one goes back down into matter, it's like water disappearing into sand.

Well, things have changed. The body has now a direct power, free of any outside interference.

I consider this a very important event, even if barely visible.

This new vibration in the body enabled me to understand the process of the transformation. It isn't something that comes from a higher Will, not a higher consciousness imposing itself on the body; it's the body itself awakening in its cells. It is a freedom of the cells themselves, a brand new vibration that sets all disorders aright.

The Supramental Ship

While I have had individual, subjective contacts with the supramental world, recently I went walking there concretely, as concretely as I used to walk in Paris — in a world that exits in itself, beyond all subjectivity. My earthly consciousness went there and consciously remained there between two and three o'clock in the afternoon.

I found myself on a great ship, the symbolic representation of the place where the supramental world is being prepared. The ship, as big as an entire city, must have been in operation for quite some time, because its organization was complete. This is the place where people destined for the supramental life are being trained. These people, or at least a part of their being, had already undergone some supramental transformation, because the ship itself and all that was aboard was neither material nor subtle-physical, neither vital nor mental; it was made of a supramental substance. This substance was of the most material supramental, the supramental substance nearest the physical world. The light was a mixture of red and gold, forming a uniform blend of luminous orange. Everything, including the people, was that color in varying shades, which enabled things to be distinguished. The overall impression was one of a shadowless world; there were different shades, but no shadows. The atmosphere was filled with joy, calm, order; everything went on smoothly and silently.

The ship had just arrived on the shore of the supramental world, and a first group of people destined to become the future inhabitants of the supramental world were about to land. A number of very tall beings were posted on the wharf. They were not human beings, and they had never been human beings, nor were they permanent inhabitants of the supramental world. They had been delegated from above and posted there to control and supervise the landing. I was in charge of all this preparation since the beginning and throughout. I had prepared all the groups. I was standing on the bridge, calling the groups one by one. The tall beings on the shore allowed those who were ready to step ashore, sending back those who were not ready for more training aboard the ship.

It went on like this until, suddenly, the clock here began striking three, abruptly pulling me back into this world with the sensation of an abrupt fall into my body. I came back with a jolt, but with all my memory intact. I remained quiet, immobile, until I was able to bring back the whole experience and preserve it.

The nature of the objects aboard the ship was different from what we know on earth. For example, the clothes were not made of cloth, and this fabric resembling cloth was not manufactured but part of the body, made of the same substance that took on different forms. There was a kind of plasticity to it. When a change had to take place, it was not made by artificial and outer means, but by an inner operation, an operation of consciousness that imparted a form and appearance to the substance. Life created its own forms. There was one single substance in all things, which altered the nature of its vibration according to its needs or practices.

I can say that the criterion, the standard for landing was based exclusively on the substance constituting the people whether they belonged completely to the supramental world or not, whether they were made of this very special substance. The standard of judgment was neither moral nor psychological. There was nothing mental about it, giving the feeling that so many things we consider good or bad are not really so. It was so completely different, at times even so opposite to our ordinary way of looking at things!

I recall one little thing we usually consider negative; how funny it was to see that it's actually something excellent! While other things we consider important were really quite unimportant there.

What is clear is that our appreciation of what is divine or not divine is incorrect. I even laughed at certain things. In regard to people, too, I saw that what helps them or prevents them from becoming supramental is very different from what our ordinary moral notions imagine. I felt just how . . . ridiculous we are.

The whole time the experience lasted (one hour of that time is long!), I was in an extraordinarily mirthful, almost inebriated state. The difference between the two consciousnesses is such that when you are in one, the other seems unreal, like a dream.

When I came back, I was first struck by the futility of life here; our petty conceptions seemed so comical, so laughable. Everything here, except for what takes place deep within, seemed absolutely artificial. Not one of the values of ordinary physical life is based on truth. Just as we have to buy cloth, sew it together, and put it on our backs in order to cover ourselves, likewise we have to take things from outside and put them inside our bodies to feed ourselves. Our life is artificial in every respect.

The absurdity here is all the artificial means that must be used. Any idiot has power if he has the means to acquire the necessary artifice. While in the supramental world, the more one is conscious and in contact with the truth of things, the more authority the will has over the substance. Authority is a true authority. If you want clothes, you have to have the power to make them, a real power. If you do not have this power, why, you remain naked! There are no artificial means to make up for the lack of power. Here, not once in a million times is authority the expression of something true. Everything is enormously stupid.

When I came back, along with the memory of the experience, I knew that the supramental world is permanent, that my presence there is permanent, and that only a missing link is needed for the connection to take place in the consciousness and the substance — and it is this link that is being built. When I am on this side, in the realm of the physical consciousness, and I see the supramental power, the supramental light and substance constantly permeating matter, I am seeing and participating in the construction of that link.

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