A new consciousness is at work on the earth
to prepare the advent of the superhuman being.

The Dawn

The first of the year, something really strange happened. Several people felt it besides me.

It came just after midnight. And the next morning a kind of golden Dawn pervaded the atmosphere.

It didn't feel at all like anything I had felt before. It was something very material, I mean very external, as well as luminous, imbued with golden light. It was very strong, very powerful, with a sense of smiling benevolence, of peaceful ease, of contentment in joy and light.

It came to wish a "Happy New Year," as it were.

But it took me completely by surprise. It was so external that the body felt it all over.

It lasted at least three hours that morning. I don't know what it was exactly, but it gave a feeling of a great goodwill, hence it must be very close to the human. And it was so concrete, one could almost taste it.

I don't know what happened afterward, because I didn't pay attention, but it hasn't left; it doesn't feel like something that comes and goes.

My impression is that of an immense benevolent personality, who comes to help the earth. It is both extremely powerful and gentle, caring, as if someone the size of a god had come to wish a "Happy New Year," along with the power to make it so.

Generally, in the human being, benevolence is a rather weak feeling, in that it doesn't like to impose itself, but this is not the case at all! It's an overpowering benevolence.

It drew my attention because it's completely new. And it is as concrete as when the physical consciousness feels "somebody else" close by. It was felt not through an inner being, through the psychic being; it came directly onto the body.

This body feels much better and happier since then. It is less tense, more carefree and relaxed. For example, it can speak more easily.

In fact, the body has acquired a sense of certitude since that happened. It used to wonder, "What will happen? How will that Supramental manifest physically?" Now it no longer wonders; it is simply happy.

I have the feeling this is the formation that will penetrate and express itself in human bodies to give rise to superhumanity, that is, the intermediate step between humanity and the supramental being.

Yes, this is the consciousness of superhumanity.

The Mentor

This new atmosphere is very consciously active.

The other day, as I was receiving someone, it came and surrounded me like a protective wall. It was thick, luminous, and so strong! It was focused on my visitor and stayed the whole time he was there, as if to tell him to beware! It was very funny.

There is a consciousness in this, something very precious that gives lessons to the body, teaching it what it must do, the attitude it must take, the reactions it must have. I had already mentioned how difficult it is to discover the process of transformation when no one is there to give you any clue. And this came as a response. It tells the body, "Take this attitude; do this, do that." So the body is happy and reassured; it won't make any mistake.

In a way, it came as a practical, down-to-earth "mentor" for all the inner movements: "You need to reject this, accept that." It can even become quite practical and material in sorting out vibrations: "These have to be encouraged; these have to be channeled; those must be eliminated." Small clues like that.

At night, it makes me live certain situations to point out the things that need to change.

It's amazing.

It is doing my education, the education of the body with that tranquil certainty of knowledge. It knows lots of things that humans don't!

At times, this education concerns terrestrial evolution, especially the part dealing with human evolution. There are overall notions as well as very specific and particular points. Some indications and emphasis may last an hour or more on one subject in order to explain the profound cause, the consequences, and the pattern of evolution.

The method involves eliciting forgotten memories in the body and showing how certain things were possible in a given past context and how they are unacceptable for the future. It is like using a sample of this body's life to show the whole. It's a marvelous education! No human education, as it is usually conceived, can approach this, because it opens to an overall vision where everything is shown together.

The body is incapable of formulating this in a methodical and clear manner. But it is learning a lot!

In one instance, there was the vision of the past, the vision of the present, and the direction where we are heading — a sort of panorama of the harmony to come. And at some point, the body asked, "Who is enjoying this immense display, which began in such obscurity to end up in such light? What is this for?" There was no direct answer, but the body sensed: "You are not yet ready. You cannot understand."

The big hindrance, for most people, is mental activity. This body is infinitely grateful to be free from the mental presence so it can be entirely attuned to that Consciousness, without the accumulated hodgepodge of so-called knowledge. It is spontaneous, natural, unsophisticated, and extremely simple, almost child-like in its simplicity. That's a great windfall, because things can then go very fast: One learns a hundred, two hundred things at once, since everything is taken in together.

And all this amid such a smiling peace!

There are no words to describe that tremendous power combined with that gentleness.

Simply turning your attention toward it is enough to fill you with bliss.

It will work in other people the same way it does in me, except that those who are not used to observing themselves objectively will notice it less. The action will appear fuzzy, as it usually does. But the result will be there all the same. In particular, I expect it will make people think correctly.

In fact, it is a guide.

I had very often asked "to be guided every minute," because it saves so much time. Instead of inquiring, studying, and so on, one just knows. This is what has happened, as I had asked.

And it's as if I had been given the responsibility to put all those who approach me in touch with it.

The New Consciousness

This new Consciousness is a marvel!

It has such a unique approach to things! I can say it has changed and widened my vision and comprehension of the world, of life, of everything.

Of course, I have always worked toward that widening, but this encompasses a completely new and unforeseen element that combines a kind of constant knowing and a benevolent smile toward everything, including the most stupid negations, and at the same time, beneath that benevolence, a formidable power!

It's something literally bursting with power. A power that's almost concrete . . . a light — of a deep golden hue — that is so tangible one can feel it passing through one's fingers.

Not once, since it came, did it express a reproach about anything or anyone. It explains everything, all human reactions, in such luminous, such understandable way that any reproach would be completely out of place. For it, all moral notions are felt as entirely stupid.

Actually, it has a sort of remote indifference for all human ideas, conventions, principles, moralities, and so on. All that seems preposterous.

For example, it doesn't at all understand the importance we give to money. The system of money, the fact that one cannot do anything without pulling out a banknote seems entirely ludicrous to it.

It feels that human life revolves around food, death, and money. To eat, to die, and to have money are the three things that are "overwhelming" in human life. But to this Consciousness, all three are temporary inventions resulting from a state that is neither deep-seated nor permanent.

That's its attitude.

And so it is teaching the body to behave differently.

For this Consciousness, except for a few individuals, human beings are weak. They are very speculative, imaginative, with an excessive mental activity (what a racket!), but they are weak from a psychophysical point of view.

To compare this new Consciousness with the consciousness possessed by those who try to get in touch with higher realms, one could say this: the moment human consciousness strives to purify itself from the lower movements, to widen itself and reach for higher things, it become fluid, as it were, transparent, ethereal, whereas this Consciousness, though it possesses a far superior vision and perception, is solid and concrete.

I mentioned earlier how it formed a solid wall-like protection around me. Well, that solidity and strength have remained, along with increased expansion, height, understanding, and something I must call "benevolence," for lack of a better word.

It possesses such an extraordinary power of compassion! It's almost intolerant of any physical suffering (moral suffering caused by moral distortion does not engage its attention in the least; it finds it simply stupid). But it finds unacceptable the suffering stemming from this world's material structure and functioning. I don't know how to express it in words, but there is a sort of refusal to tolerate that. And according to my experience and to what I have observed, in some measure, it has the power to transform it, to cancel it. There have been instances when this definitely happened, but it isn't a constant occurrence, so I am not sure.

It's as if this Consciousness had brought with it a whole new field of experience in the purely material realm by eliminating a number of things mankind had deemed impossible, thus dramatically enlarging the field of possibilities: "This, this, and this is now possible."

And its special feature is that it doesn't tolerate half-measures or approximations. It doesn't accept the idea: "All right, we'll do this gradually, step by step." It's rather: "You want or you don't want? You can or you can't?" It's truly a Grace, for it is saying: let's not waste any time; it's now or never!

What is certain is that I have experienced a profound inner change.

In terms of consciousness, this is the greatest change of my entire existence, and I have known many in the course of a lifelong work, but nothing that compares to what happened since the beginning of the year - so much so that the body feels like a new person.

To Serve the Absolute

This atmosphere, this new Consciousness continues to be extremely active as a mentor.

Early one recent morning, for several hours, never had the body been so happy! There was the complete Presence, the sense of an absolute freedom and certainty. It didn't matter whether it was these cells, those cells — there was life everywhere, consciousness everywhere.

In ninety-one years on the earth, this body had never felt such happiness: freedom, absolute power, no limits, and no impossibilities.

All the other bodies were itself, without any difference.

Everything was just a play of consciousness.

It was absolutely wonderful.

It came effortlessly, and left because I was too busy doing other things.

It does not come at will. What comes at will is a sort of "copy," which appears to be the same, but which is not it. It is completely independent of our aspiration, will, and effort. And absolutely overpowering, in the sense that none of the body's difficulties exist. Everything, then, disappears.

But aspiration, concentration, effort are totally useless.

During those few hours, I absolutely understood what it meant to have the divine consciousness in the body. And this or that body didn't make any difference: It went freely from one body to another, knowing the limitations and possibilities of each one. It was able to express itself in this person or that person, not vaguely, but clearly and distinctly. And with a smile!

It was absolutely wonderful. I had never, ever experienced anything like that before.

The cells showed their effort toward transformation and the body showed its aspiration and will to prepare itself, unquestioning, striving to be what it should be.

I can tell this is a real transformation!

Yet all this takes place amid an intense fidgeting and all sorts of questions in the atmosphere around me, from anxiety at the idea I might leave to impatience for it to happen soon! The body has grown absolutely indifferent to these reactions. It just smiles. It smiles with that same benevolent Smile of the new Consciousness.

It's as if the world itself raised the question: "Will the body be able to continue or will it have to be dissolved?" This body is completely surrendered: "What You will, Lord." It knows the decision has been made, and it is being kept purposely in the dark about it, but it doesn't mind. It knows these are the most favorable conditions for the work and it accepts them patiently, saying, "What You will is for the best."

But that which knows and does not divulge the answer is something that cannot be expressed. The only word that can describe the sensation is Absolute. It's the feeling of being in the presence of the Absolute: absolute Knowledge, absolute Will, and absolute Power. Nothing, absolutely nothing can resist it. And it comes along with such a sense of mercy, next to which all human kindness and mercy is a piddling sentiment!

This is the Mercy, along with absolute power — something beyond Wisdom, beyond Knowledge, beyond our human scale.

That's what the body feels everywhere, all over.

It gave itself to that, entirely, totally, without asking anything in exchange. A single aspiration: "To serve that, whatever it wants. To BE that."

The Column of Light

One day, as I was receiving someone, the body asked this new Consciousness, "How to make sure there is no mixture of lower movements in the light?"

Whereupon a sort of column of light, five-foot wide, descended into the room. I was not in "another" world, but right here, and I could see it with my eyes open. A light so indefinable, so dazzling, but so tranquil at the same time!

I don't know how to say it or describe it. It was so stable, so tranquil. Dazzling. And there was no vibration. An indefinable color, neither white nor golden, as if it contained all colors.


Then this new Consciousness took my consciousness and made it travel through the column of light before returning to me. I felt the column of light as my consciousness went through it. I felt it, but I did not see any shadow. All I saw was the slight movement when it went through it, but the light was of the same nature. It went through the column, and came back to me.

Then it did the same thing with my visitor, taking his consciousness through the column of light. But as it went through the column of light, it left a slight blue outline at the level of the head. And I heard something, not in words, but it expressed itself immediately in words that said:

"When you stand in the light of the Supreme
Consciousness, you must not make any shadow."

Since that happened, the body keeps thinking: "Do not make any shadow, do not make any shadow . . ."

It's the first time the physical body has an experience of this kind, with eyes wide open. I saw that light come down and settle right in the middle of the room.

Now the body is filled with an intense aspiration and an overwhelming will of getting rid of all possible falsehood.

A Challenge to Material Knowledge

Now the entire being knows that everything that happens is meant to make one progress as fast as possible.

Obstacles, contradictions, misunderstandings, superfluous activities — all are meant for progress, to bring one in touch with one point, then another, and another.

How is this matter suppose to change if one doesn't involve it?

It is very clear and obvious that all the objections and contradictions always stem from a superficial mental understanding that sees only the appearance of things. The consciousness is being warned against that shallow view, so as not to be deceived by external and superficial appearances, and it appreciates that behind all that happens is a rapid march toward transformation.

The higher intelligence readily sees that it doesn't know anything, and it can easily take the right attitude for progress. Yet even those who have that intelligence tend to take anything material for granted, because it is "known" and based on long-standing experience. And this is precisely our area of vulnerability.

In fact, the body is in the process of learning the inanity of the present way of seeing and knowing things based on right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark.

The whole base and conception of material life is being challenged.

The most practical intelligence which thought it had learned how to live and knew what to do and how to do it, needs to understand that this is neither true knowledge nor the true way of dealing with external things.

The Consciousness that is at work is even constantly making fun of the body, as it were. For the tiniest things of everyday life, it says to the body, "You see, you're having this sensation. What's behind it? You think you know. But are you certain of the real cause?" And the body stares, wide-eyed: "It's true. I know nothing!" But its reaction is always the same: "I don't pretend to know anything. Let the Lord do whatever He wishes."

There is a sort of constant demonstration, backed up by ever-repeated experiences, that doing things with a sense of acquired wisdom or knowledge is false, so to speak; for there is somethingelse behind, which uses these very circumstances independent of any knowledge or of what we call "life experience."

This other vision of things is far more direct, profound, and extensive, capable of seeing far more ahead than any outward experience could ever do. But it is also a modest, unassuming process, which is not out to prove anything.

It's just a tiny little happening of every minute, every second, as if in every situation you were shown the ordinary way of living, seeing and doing, and then the true way — both side by side.

The only thing that matters is the attitude of consciousness: Either the old self-regarding attitude of the individual being or the opposite movement of self-expansion. It probably corresponds to the presence of the ego or the abolition of the ego.

The misunderstandings and ill feelings in the atmosphere around me complicate everything. They all fall upon me at the same time so the experience is total and all embracing.

It's like a practical, moment-to-moment demonstration of the presence of death and the presence of immortality in the least thing. Each second is a choice between death and immortality.

It's living very practical everyday situations in the presence of opposites in order to find out what happens when they meet each other instead of avoiding each other.

In the Minutest Details

I see and feel more and more, in an absolute way, that everything is decided. Each thing has its purpose, which eludes us because our vision is not wide enough.

This is a sort of absolute conviction I have. And I am paying dearly for it!

While undergoing its "change of Government," the body goes through really difficult moments. And I saw that, with the ordinary vision, none of this makes any sense because the difficulties seem to increase with what might be called the "conversion." Yet, for the true vision, it's the remaining falsehood that causes all the troubles.

Whenever a part of the being gets closer to the moment of transition, is ready for the transition, it experiences an increased sensitivity. I had noticed that before, but now it is happening to the body. The body gets frightfully sensitive. People who do not know the reason behind this can become really scared, but those who know and have understood the process will thus have the opportunity to make the last progress, the last surrender.

The only solution, every minute of the day and in every circumstance, is: "What You will." In other words, the abolition of any preference or desire — even the preference of avoiding pain.

What needs to be understood is that that Consciousness rules and controls everything in the minutest details. The individual consciousness, even when very broad, cannot fathom and understand concretely the possibility of being conscious of everything at once — because it simply does not work that way. Hence the difficulty to grasp that the Consciousness is conscious of everything at once — -as a whole, in totality, down to the least detail.

In a way, that's very reassuring.

So the body realizes that only its own resistance — its resistance to the Truth — can bring suffering upon itself. The moment there is complete acquiescence, the suffering disappears instantly.

The truth is, that which still harbors the illusion of being something separate must dissolve. It must tell itself, "This is none of my business. I have no existence."

It's the best attitude to have.

Then all merges within the great universal Rhythm.

The Victory

This new Consciousness is almost ruthless in showing how everything in the mental creation is false — including the reactions that seem spontaneous. In fact, everything is the result of an extraordinarily complex mental construction.

We are born in it, and it seems so natural to feel and react according to it, to work out everything according to it, that we walk right past the Truth.

And this also concerns the very organization of the body.

So the Action appears to assert itself with extraordinary power, which seems merciless to us, so we can learn the lesson.

I remember when Sri Aurobindo was here. The being's inner realm felt and saw things according to the higher consciousness — in a completely different way. But when Sri Aurobindo broke his leg and fell ill, the body kept saying: "These are dreams, just dreams; it isn't for us, not for the bodies. Bodies are lowly, unfit." It was dreadful.

Yet, over time, that feeling disappeared. After many years of effort, it was all gone: The body itself felt the divine Presence and became convinced that everything would change accordingly.

But these last days that old formation has returned. It covers the entire humanity. All those who have had the vision, the perception, or only an aspiration toward the higher Truth have had the same experience of this perpetual, painful contradiction of all the external circumstances, whenever they came back down to the material level. The body had completely freed itself from that — and now it came back.

But when it came back, it saw it as onesees a falsehood.

Then I understood how much the body had changed, because it looked at that with a smile, as it were, with the impression of witnessing an old formation devoid of any truth.

It was an extraordinary experience: The time of that formation is over.

So the pressure of the Consciousness is there to compel all these things such as they were - petty, miserable, dark, and apparently unavoidable — to disappear in a distant and obsolete past. I actually saw and understood that the work of that Consciousness (which seems merciless, careless of how difficult it is or even possible damage) is meant to change the "normal" state from this dark, heavy, and ugly predicament to a truer and more luminous status.

There is a multiplicity of experiences showing that all is a matter of attitude, and humanity can transcend the mental prison in which it is confined and breathe up above.

It's the body's experience.

In the past, there was the great division created by the mind: "Up above, it's fine. You can have all the experiences you wish and everything is luminous and marvelous. But here, nothing doing." Those who had inner experiences would say, "Yes, this is true up above, but here . . ." Now the "but-here" will soon be over.

There was also this impression that "we are born in a world where nothing can change." Which is why all those who could not see any possibility for change said: "Better get out of it."

This change — the fact that things are no longer unavoidable — is the great Victory.

Things are no longer unavoidable.

That's what this conquest, this stupendous change is all about. Physical life must be ruled by the higher Consciousness and not by the mental world.

It is the change of Government.

It is troublesome, difficult, painful, not without damage. But the results are visible.

And the body is learning its lesson - all the bodies, all the bodies.

One can feel and see — the body itself experienced it — that soon this very reality will be truer.

There is something different in the world.

Naturally, it will take time before it settles in for good. Therein lies the battle. Negations are pouring in from all sides, on all levels, to claim that externally nothing has changed — but that's not true.

It isn't true.

The body knows it isn't true. And it knows where it is headed.

Things must be "worked out," as they say, implemented in detail, but the mutation is accomplished.

In other words, all the material conditions set by the mind — which appeared so compelling that people who had a living experience of the higher worlds believed one had to abandon this material world in order to live in the Truth — are no longer what they appear to be.

The physical is now capable of receiving the higher Light, the Truth, the true Consciousness, and of manifesting it.

It is not easy; a lot of endurance and willpower are necessary, but a day will come when it is completely natural. The door is barely ajar; now we must walk through it.

It took a little over a year for this new Consciousness to win this Victory. And even now, it is only visible to those who have an inner vision. But it's done.

Now, I understand this is the work Sri Aurobindo had given me.

No, things are not as they were. They are no longer as they used to be.

It still requires a struggle. It is still necessary to have patience, courage, willpower, confidence, but it's no longer "business as usual." The old routine is trying to hang on — appallingly — but it's no longer the same.

All the circumstances are as catastrophic as ever: problems, complications, difficulties; it's like a relentless and ferocious assault from all sides. But it's over. The body knows it's over.

It may take centuries to disappear, but it's over.

There is absolutely no doubt that the very concrete and absolute realization one could experience only by going outside matter will be possible right here.

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