upcoming Spring schedule of


hosted by Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham

Location: Lodi Ashram, 2621 W. Highway 12, Lodi, CA 95242

Activities begin Saturday mornings at 9:30 A.M. through 9:00 P.M. (Those who wish to arrive on Friday night, and/or stay
through Sunday are welcome, but in that case please let the Ashram know in advance).

Things to bring to each retreat: Work clothes, sleeping bag and pillow (if you're staying overnight), musical instrument,
vegetarian pot-luck lunch and $10.00 contribution.

Saturday, MARCH 8th, 1997

The focus of our March Retreat will be on Bhakti - Devotion. --There will be as usual collective music and chanting,
meditation, and Karma yoga group projects, with the study group sharing readings of devotional poetry. We'll also have a
collective flower-offering project.

Extra things to bring: A selection of devotional poetry (If needed, we have a large selection of spiritual poetry in the Ashram
library), a bunch of cut flowers.

Saturday, APRIL 12th, 1997

In honor of April being a Darshan month, the focus of this Retreat will be on Silence. There will be as usual collective
meditation and longer Karma yoga group projects than in March.

Extra things to bring: A selection from Sri Aurobindo or The Mother on silence for posting up during the retreat.

Saturday, MAY 10, 1997

The focus of the May Retreat will be on Savitri. There will be a collective reading of one or two long dialogue passages, with
participants narrating the part of the different characters. As usual there will also be collective meditation , music and Karma
yoga group projects .

Extra things to bring: A copy of Savitri.

IMPORTANT: Please call or send written confirmation if you plan to attend.

If you would be interested in leading a discussion or presentation, etc. please let us know.

The Ashram also continues to hold special meditation programs on the Darshans and certain other special days and everyone
is invited. Usually the meditations are held in the evenings. Upcoming Darshan Days are:

~ Thursday, April 24th (Mother's final arrival in Pondicherry),~

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Last modified on 30 June 1997.