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Guidelines to Synthesis of Yoga Discussions


To study the Synthesis of Yoga collectively so that we all gain a better intellectual understanding of fundamentals of Integral Yoga Sadhana as laid out in this book. While the group primarily caters to the needs of Integral Yoga sadhaks and concentrates on sadhana, discussion with a philosophy and research orientation is not restricted.


We study the book taking one chapter at a time on a biweekly basis. The summaries for the chapter under discussion(prepared by Dave Hutchinson) are sent out in the beginning. This will be followed by a message on the chapter from one of the members in the group who has volunteered to work on the the chapter. This is followed by discussion from the members. Lot of the times we have noticed silent periods also, which means that members were just happy to read and did not have any issues to talk about. Group members are highly recommended to read the original chapter in the book before the discussion on the chapter takes place. It is expected that we do the discussion in leisure taking a lot of time to think, examine our lives and participate while keeping in mind that our spiritual growth is the primary focus of discussion.


There are not many guidelines except to restrict the writeup to the theme of the current chapter. What to write on the chapter is pretty much left to the contributor. A large of degree of freedom and choice is there. One may summarise or paraphrase the chapter or share the experiences and happenings in life pertaining to what is being dealt in the chapter or compare what Sri Aurobindo says in the chapter to what he has said elsewhere(for instance, essays on the gita or letters on yoga) or complement with what Mother has said on the topic, etc.


Though we in general discuss the current chapter, discussion about anything in the scope of the book is always welcome. We can always revisit the chapters that have been covered and bring up any questions or doubts or issues that we missed to talk about earlier. New members who join half way through are encouraged to feel free to talk about any thing that is already covered. If any of us would like to share some related material from Sri Aurobindo and Mother or other relevant sources to support our current study and discussion, they are heartily welcome by the group to share it any time.


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Last modified on Mar 4, 1999