Integral Yoga Events in USA - Savitri Immersion Workshop


Crestone, Colorado August 4th-10th

Schedule of activities:

  1. Daily readings and meditations in Savitri:

    This practice is based upon the Vedantic conception of mantra as the direct revelation of spiritual knowledge through sound, and upon the assumption that Savitri, in Sri Aurobindo's words, is the Force (shakti) of transformation in the Integral Yoga Sadhana.

    O Savitri, thou art my spirit's Power,
    The revealing voice of my immortal Word,
    The face of Truth upon the roads of Time
    Pointing to the souls of men the routes to God.

                                        (Savitri, 11,1, p.703)

  2. Parallel reading from  Mother's Agenda, Vols. 10-11.

              Stability and change
              Inertia and transformation
              Eternity and progress
              Unity = power and repose
  3. Daily physical exercises, with balanced body movement and concentration; hikes along scenic mountain trails; creative dance.

  4. Commentary-discussions: Major - Jean Gebser and Sri Aurobindo, On the Evolution of Consciousness; Minor - Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) and Integral Yoga.

  5. Visits to the Haidakhandi Ashram and Temple, the Crestone Mountain Zen Center, the Tashi Gomang Stupa, the Nada Carmelite Monastery, voluntary participation in their teachings/practices is optional.

Registration information:

Recommended Arrival: Sunday August 4 by 4:00PM, Departure Saturday August 10, by 12:00 Noon.


Full workshop, room and board and all activities - $450 individual room; $375 shared room.
Mineral Hotsprings bath and sauna, $10 extra per visit.
Minimum registration - $150, covers two-day participation only.

A deposit of $50 is required.


(for Workshop Activities)
Sri Aurobindo Learning Center
71724 Baca Grant Way
 Crestone, CO

(for accommodations)
White Eagle Inn, on the Crestone Rd. near the golf course, approximately 10 miles east of Moffat from Highway 17 between Alamosa and Salida, CO .

Information and registration: please contact

Rod Hemsell
1112B N. Wahsatch Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903 
Phone 719-227-0784 



Accommodation is limited.
Please register by June 15th.
A deposit of $50 is required.

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Last modified on May 6,2002