Sri Aurobindo's Birthday Celebrations -- 1996

Thus shall the earth open to divinity
And common natures feel the wide uplift,
Illumine common acts with the Spirit's ray
And meet the deity in common things.
Nature shall live to manifest secret God,
The Spirit shall take up the human play,
This earthly life become the life divine.

Book 11 Canto 1

Matagiri Center for the Evolution of Consciousness

Thursday, August 15th through Sunday, August 18th

The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Where Body and Soul Meet

Meditations to lift the mind and open the heart
Workshops to expand vision, enrich understanding, and explore creativity
Techniques to inspire, heal, and integrate body and soul through sound, movement, concentration and touch

Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong, Sacred Words and Movement, Soulbody Work, Creative Healing Concentration

Talks on: Practice and Theory of Integral Yoga
The Life of Sri Aurobindo

Fees: $10 per workshop, $8 for three or more, $60 for the weekend
Breakfast (Fri-Sat-Sun) at 8:30 a.m. $3
Lunch (Fri & Sun) $5 Saturday Pot Luck at 12 Noon

Founded in 1968, Matagiri has been a home for a small group of persons aspiring to practice the Integral Yoga. It has served the larger community by providing a space for retreat and meditation, a library, and information center for those interested in contacting the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, India and the international community of Auroville in South India.

For information, call 914-679-5358.

Julian H. Lines

Collective Meditation in Santa Clara, California As on all other darshan days, we will hold a collective meditation in the morning at 6:00 am at:

421 Greenwood drive
Santa Clara, CA

All in the vicinity are welcome.

Chandresh Patel
(408) 492 9515

Cultural Integration Fellowship, San Francisco

Donation $25.00 for the whole day seminar including vegetarian lunch. For seminar reservation, please call 415-626-2442.

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Last modified on July 29, 1996