Integral Yoga Events in USA - Cell Conference

Cellular Evolution -- The Transformation of the Body

Oct. 11-15, 1995

The Sri Aurobindo Association in America Presents

A ground breaking Conference

CELLULAR EVOLUTION - The Transformation of the Body

October 11-15, 1995
The Airport Clarion Hotel
San Francisco, California

This conference is the first in the world to focus on phenomena happening at the cellular level - in matter itself! The gathering is an extraordinary opportunity to explore the phenomena unfolding in matter from many perspectives: spiritual, scientific, artistic, cultural, psychological, medical and mystical.

We are about to embark on a remarkable adventure into the body - to the very core of cellular consciousness. This spiritual quest has been a long time in coming!


Special Musical Performance by Constance Demby

The 5 days will include two days of pre-conference workshops (Oct. 11 & 12) and three days of conference sessions (Oct. 13-15).

Both sessions are available separately however we encourage you to give yourself the full five days to discover, explore and experience the magnificent unfolding of The Cellular Evolution!

Pre-Conference Schedule - Workshops

Wednesday, October 11:

6:30-7:00 Body Prayer
7:00-7:45 Meditation with Adena DeJoya

Morning Workshop Options


Arabinda Basu - "Integral Yoga"

Lecture and discussion on principles of the Yoga of Sri Aurobindo including transformation, psychic being, supermind, and future evolution of the species. Review and discussion of the literature will include - "Life Divine", "Savitri", "Synthesis of Yoga", etc. We will also examine the role of The Mother in the transformation. (Note: this is an all day workshop).

Adena DeJoya - "Descension of the Soul: Entering Cellular Consciousness"

This preparatory workshop is designed to assist you in: discovering and understanding the physical cellular vibration, at the fetal level; understanding how your descent into the physical, cellular vibration has opposed your soul evolution; and discovering your original soul call so you can establish a new foundation for the physical restructuring of your body through aspiration, dedication and discipline.

Michael Murphy - "The Future of the Body"

In this seminar, evidence will be presented to show that today, more than ever before in human history, the human body, in concert with the mind and soul, can mutate to a higher level of development. A summary of this evidence, which is discussed in his book "The Future of the Body", and explorations of the ways in which a mutation to higher mind-body development can be realized will be given.

Afternoon Workshop Options -


Emilie Conrad Da'oud - "The Unbounded Body"

Movement is something we 'are' not something we 'do'. We are viscerally connected to the far reaching process of creative life from the primordial soup to expression in our 'outer' every day world. Our bodies carry the memory of the beginnings of our sojourn on earth. The vastness of our origins exist in our intrinsic movements, maintaining their earthly function and cosmic connection. The workshop will introduce ways of using breath and movement to enter this fluid state more completely. Our capacity to participate with our dynamic creative matrix is an ongoing invitation to enter into our birthright as biological creatures. (Note: special time)


Arabinda Basu (continued)

Mary Christopher & Diana Douglas - "Microangels In Our Cellular Universe"

Have you ever wondered who the intelligence is that holds our bodies in form and allows the cells to replace themselves? Microangels are a specific group of angels or devas who live and work in the cellular dimensions. In this experiential workshop, we will provide the opportunity to communicate with these microcosmic members of the angelic kingdom through a variety of meditation, writing and drawing techniques. We will explore what these angels have to share with us about healing.

Evening Presentation


"The Divine Mother" Elizabeth Hin & Leslie Temple-Thurston

Thursday, October 12:

6:30-7:00 Body Prayer
7:00-7:45 Meditation with Leslie Temple-Thurston

Morning Workshop Options -


Adena DeJoya - "The Teenager in You: Power, Sex and Survival"

When we enter puberty, a negative cellular vibration is magnified and set in. The teen tries to understand this, but can't. The result is to project pent up feelings. Thus, we move farther away from the soul path to embrace collective consciousness. At puberty, we play out that negative force which has possessed us from our first breath. Practical exercises will help us reverse this pattern by understanding how the dynamic continues into adulthood.

Leslie Temple-Thurston - "Mother as Matter"

The discussion will center on egoic dissolution, transformation and transcendence. An outline will be given of the profound changes that these bring to the mind and emotions. We will also look at how these changes evoke the subtler paradigms of Divine Mother. Source material: "The Mind of the Cells" by Satprem.

Theresa Steinberg - "Holotropic Breathwork"

Holotropic breathwork is literally moving towards wholeness. The essential healing capacity within each of us is a direct function of open energy flow. This energy flow is induced by controlled breathing, evocative music and focused release work. Relaxing your physical body opens the energy channels to allow emotional peace and spiritual guidance. Holotropic breathwork induces nonordinary states of consciousness. These states allow your essential qualities to manifest. You can tap into early memories, archetype images, identification with the collective unconscious and other phenomena of the transpersonal realm. (All day workshop).

Afternoon Workshop Options -


Ariel Browne - "Cell Talk" (tm)

This experiential workshop will be a co-facilitated by members of cellular healing training group. Cell-Talk, a breakthrough, revolutionary technique for cellular healing, communication and transformation is based on the yogic, transformative cellular research and discoveries made by The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India. In this workshop, participants will engage in cellular healing meditation, do cell drawing and learn cellular dialogue. Dr. Browne will share the group technique for inner- communion guided by the cells which she teaches in her cellular psychotherapy and healing practice. People experiencing active disease, somato-dysfunction process, or recovery fro catastrophic or terminal illness are encouraged to attend.

Mary Christopher & Diana Douglas - "Coloring Our Cells Clear"

An innovative and direct approach to working with cellular memories (especially trauma). We will use meditation, writing and coloring to become aware of the impact of memory in our cells, and then color the cells clear. Pages taken from the "Cell Coloringbook" and participant's freehand drawings or collaging of cells will allow us to work with the physical and subtle body cells, making use of the power of the imagination to heal and transform.

Theresa Steinberg - "Holotropic Breathwork" (continued)

Evening Presentation -

7:00-10:00 Elizabeth Hin - "Born Awake: Children of the Global Era"

Conference Schedule - Plenary Session

Friday, October 13:

6:30 Body Prayer

7:00 Meditation with Arabinda Basu

8:30 Opening Remarks

9:00 "Integral Yoga & Mother's Agenda" - Wayne Bloomquist

12:00 Lunch break (box lunch provided)

2:00 "The Future Evolution of the Species" - Arabinda Basu

3:00 "The Dilemma of the Soul: Before and After it Enters the body" - Adena DeJoya

5:00 Buffet dinner

7:00 "An Evening of Beauty", with Leslie Temple-Thurston and Bryan Walton

Saturday, October 14:

6:30 Body Prayer

7:00 Meditation with Leslie Temple-Thurston

9:00 "Transforming Your Physical Body Into a Proper Vehicle for the Soul" - Adena DeJoya

10:00 "Cell Talk" (tm) - Ariel Browne

11:00 "The Future Evolution of The Species" (continued) - Arabinda Basu

12:00 Lunch break (box lunch provided)

2:00 "Integral Transformation in the Global Era" - Elizabeth Hin

3:00 "The Future of the Body" - Michael Murphy

5:00 Buffet dinner

7:00 'Darshan' - Experience timeless Presence and the moods of equality, balance and equanimity in meditation as Leslie Temple-Thurston gives the transmission of Shakti.

8:00 'Special Concert' by Constance Demby.

"She can create sounds you'd swear you never heard before, but somewhere in some dim memory, there is a faint echo of remembrance, rich and compelling, calling up almost archetypal inner experiences and seeming to address directly the deeper, inaccessible levels of mind."

Sunday, October 15:

6:30 Body prayer

7:00 Meditation with Adena DeJoya

9:00 "The Cosmic Game: Metaphysical and Spiritual Insights from Modern Consciousness Research" - Stanislav Grof, MD

12:00 Closing


Arabinda Basu is a member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry India. He previously taught at the University level in England. He has been a frequent visitor and lecturer in the United States and is editor of "Gavesana".

Wayne Bloomquist is currently the president of the Sri Aurobindo Association. He and his wife, Surama, handle the national book distribution for the writings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Wayne received his doctorate from the Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco where he was first introduced to Integral Yoga by the late Haridas Chaudri. He is keenly interested in the physical transformation of the body. Wayne is the author of "Search for the Soul", "The Soul and its Power", and the forthcoming "The Finding of the Soul".

Ariel Browne, Ph.D. DD is a clairvoyant, empath and cellular psychotherapist. She developed Cell-Talk (tm) as an experimental psycho-physical healing modality during her doctoral research. She is currently in recovery from cancer using Cell-Talk and writing a book about her clients' and her own experiences with healing using cellular guidance and communication. Her dissertation, "Willed Cellular Response in Psychology" chronicles many case studies of cellular communication in healing. Since 1993, Dr. Browne has taught and used Cell-Talk in her cellular psychotherapy practice. Dr. Browne has observed cellular and auric phenomena all her life. Her own communication with cells began when she was in utero.

Mary Christopher is a native of New Mexico who grew up on the plains of Oklahoma. She spent 15 years as an ordained member of a spiritual community and has over 25 years experience as a spiritual and astrological counselor. Mary does angel art and is currently developing a global prayer network. She is the mother of two grown sons and presently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Emilie Conrad Da'oud is the founder of Continuum. She is a visionary whose work is being incorporated by an inter-national audience of professionals from fields such as rolfing, physical therapy, dance, hatha yoga, chiropractic, therapeutic massage, psychoimmunology, kinesiology and physical fitness. From 1974-79, Emilie was the movement specialist in a research study conducted by Dr. Valerie Hunt at UCLA. This ground breaking study demonstrated that primary movement is essential to our ability to innovate new neural pathways and to create a nourishing intrinsic environment which can mediate disease processes as well as aging.

Adena DeJoya is a visionary and spiritual teacher. Her life is dedicated to assisting humanity to understand and clear the cause of human suffering which is rooted in the cells of the body. She exemplifies that this cellular vibration can be corrected and that it is possible to live in continual communion with God. She lives and teaches from a plane of conscious awareness that encourages others to disengage the rational mind and to venture into the experience of Grace. The spiritual focus of her current students (ranging in age from 8 to 60) is egoless service to God, cleansing of the cellular mind and physical transformation of the body.

Constance Demby trained in classical piano from and early age. She is a multi-instrumentalist, performing on keyboards, synthesizers, and exotic far eastern string instruments. As a painter, sculptor and environmental artist, she has also designed large resonant Sonic Steel Instruments. She is presently concentrating on contemporary classical space music in her home recording studio.

Diana Douglas, M.Ed., LPCC is an artist, writer and counselor who has spent the last 10 years gathering and offering to others a variety of tools for healing and transformation. She has worked with survivors of trauma and grievers combining hands-on energy balancing with exploration of the imaginal realm. She has recently started a company called Starmother Enterprises: Educational Tools from the Imagination. She is the author and illustrator of several books.

Stanislov Grof, MD, Ph.D. is a psychiatrist with over thirty years experience in research into non-ordinary states of consciousness. He was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, where he also received his scientific training. He was invited as Clinical and Research Fellow to the John Hopkins University. He continued his research as Chief of Psychiatric Research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center and as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Henry Philips Clinic of John Hopkins University. Dr. Grof is one of the founders and chief theoreticians of transpersonal psychology and is the founding president of the International Transpersonal Association.

Elizabeth Anne Hin, MA is a spiritual teacher residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is an instructor at Southwestern College and conducts an extensive private practice in spiritual counseling.

Michael Murphy is co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the Esalen Institute, and author of three novels: "Golf in the Kingdom", "Jacob Atabet", and "An End to Ordinary History". His nonfiction works include "The Life We Are Given", a book about transformative practice co-authored with George Leonard, and "The Future of the Body". He has been inspired by Sri Aurobindo and lived for over a year at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India.

Theresa Steinberg, MD is certified in Holotropic Breathwork (tm) by Stanislov Grof, MD, Christina Grof and Jacquelyn Small. Theresa earned her medical degree at the University of West Berlin in obstetrics and gynecology, and is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. In her research she focuses on the psychological influences of interactions between mother and child during pregnancy and birth. While working in Africa she was confronted and became fascinated by the healing power of the mind as practiced in shamanic rituals. She trained with John Pierrakos, co-founder of Bioenergetics and CORE-Energetics.

Leslie Temple-Thurston is a western woman who has experienced full absorption. After many years of practicing meditation and self-discovery, Leslie experienced the unfolding of Self-realization during the late 1980s. Leslie's Samadhi has led her to live and express the subtle energies of the Divine Mother. She is one of a growing number of Mothers who are living and working in the West to manifest the divine feminine on the dense physical plane. In 1991 the organization, Corelight, was founded to support Leslie's work of spreading the Dharma.

Bryan Walton was a resident of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry and at Auroville from 1971-1980. As a photographer, he has been fascinated by the visual and cultural similarities he has found in his travels around the world. Integrating poetry, pictures and music, Bryan produces multi-media presentations on world cultures, art, and religion. He is currently working with several universities in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Fees and Information

Conference Tuition - Plenary Session (October 13-15)



before July 15 $275
before Sept 15 $325
after Sept 15 $375

18 and under

before July 15 $140
before Sept 15 $165
after Sept 15 $190

The Conference Tuition includes four vegetarian meals (lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday).

Pre-Conference Tuition - Workshops (October 11-12)

Tuition per day

before July 15 $75
before Sept 15 $85
after Sept 15 $95

Early registration for the Pre-Conference Workshops is necessary. SAA reserves the right to cancel pre-conference workshops that do not reach a minimum number of registrants by September 15.

Lodging: A limited number of rooms have been reserved at the conference site: Clarion Hotel San Francisco Airport, 401 East Millbrae Avenue, Millbrae CA 94030. For reservations call: 800-223-7111 or 415-692-6363.

Special Rates, for this conference, per day, plus 10% hotel tax are: $69 single/double occupancy, $79 triple occupancy, $89 quad occupancy. To obtain these rates it is necessary to identify yourself as part of this conference.

Changes in Presentations: In the event that a scheduled presenter must cancel due to medical or other emergency, SAA reserves the right to provide a replacement or cancel the presentation.

Taping: Audio taping or video recording is not allowed, Tapes of the conference will be available through the SAA office.

Airline Discounts: A limited number of airline vouchers, good for substantial discounts on round-trip travel in the continental US, are available through the SAA office. Vouchers must be registered by July 25, 1995. Call Wayne Bloomquist at 510-848-1841 for more information.

Room Sharing: If you want to share a room at the Clarion and need a roommate, please indicate a note with your registration. (Do not ask the Clarion for room-sharing information). We will send you the names and phone numbers of other attendees of the same gender to contact. SAA is not responsible for individual room-sharing arrangements.

Refunds: Refunds will be made (minus a $25 administrative charge) if requested in writing before September 15, 1995.

Certificates of Attendance are available: 21 contact hours for the conference and 3 contact hours for each pre-conference workshop half day. Your own professional certifying organization may, at their discretion, award you CEUs.

Conference Information: If you have any special needs, concerns or questions regarding registration, or want to discuss financial arrangements, please contact the conference coordinator:

Sue Espinosa, 134 Coleen Street, Livermore CA 94550. Phone 510-449-1261, FAX 510-449-6907.

If you have questions about the conference theme, format or presentations, please contact:

Wayne Bloomquist, Sri Aurobindo Association, 2288 Fulton Street, Suite 310, Berkeley CA 94704. Phone 510-848-1841, FAX 510-848-8531

Email: (Prem Sobel) (Kenny Schachat)



Please print one form per person.

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EVENT SELECTION. Fill in as appropriate (see fees by date)

Conference, October 13-15 $_______

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Total Enclosed $_______

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Please charge my VISA ___ MasterCard ___

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If payment is made by credit card, you may FAX it, if by check make payable to "SAA" and mail to:

SAA Conference
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