Integral Yoga Events in USA - AUM 1999

Aug 7-11, 1999

Savitri: A legend and a symbol

The Sri Aurobindo Learning Center (SALC) sponsored AUMM 99 in Crestone, Colorado. It is a pristine mountain setting, famous as a retreat site and the home of such spiritual centers as the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram, the Crestone Mountain Zen Center, the Nada Carmelite Monastery, and the Tashi Gomang (Tibetan Buddhist) Stupa and Study Center. It is also an ideal spot for high-altitude hiking and climbing, natural hot spring baths, and panoramic sunset views. The area has long been known by the native Americans as "the bloodless valley" and a traditional place of vision quests.

The Crestone valley from the mountains (click to see large version)

The theme of AUM 99 was "Savitri-A Legend and a Symbol,"and the physical location seems to be as close as is earthly possible to the setting in which the drama of transformation takes place.

A performance in Savitri Solar Dome

Crestone is a three-hour drive west from Colorado Springs on Highway 24, then south on Highway 285, to Highway 17 which breaks off from 285 about 15 miles north of Crestone. For travelers from either Denver to the North or Santa Fe to the South, Highway 285 is the most direct route to Highway 17. The turn-off to Crestone, on Highway 17, occurs at the south end of the little village of Moffat.

The Crestone Mountains from the valley (slide by J.D. Marston, used with permission)


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