Guests at the Integral Yoga Web Site

This is an archive of guestbook entries prior to July 1, 1997.

06/11/97 Claudia Alejandra Sa
            I was fromed president of the South American Integral Yoga
            Association, know the president is mrs. Graciea Morantes. I am work
            know in the Argetinian Yoga Federation, and i am director of the of
            course in the Scientific yoga and Psychosomatology School in the
            Presidence of Republic, Sports Secretary in the National Sports
            Center of High Performance in Buenos Aires City, Argentina. I worlk
            with Dr. Estevez-Griego who developed some thing near Dr. Chaudury
            in San Francisco. And he give the Integral Yoga teachers Course. We
            like to be in touch with the folk of Integral Yoga. In Setember is
            in Rio Janeiro, Brazil the Latin America Scientific Yoga
            Conference, and the Integral Yoga Conference of Brazil, Aurobindo
            Yoga, and all Integral Yoga way from him. Your Claudia.

06/10/97 Pietro Ernesto Bonvi Fax (39-10)246.8123 Italy
            I am president of Italian Yoga Schools Federation and I want invite
            all youto  the Europena Scientific Yoga and Integral Yoga Education
            Conference from 1o to 12 of october in Genoa, Italy, plesase sendme
            Fax. Thank you in Integral Yoga. Pietro

06/10/97 Dr. Estevez-Griego P
            I am editor of Integral Yoga Magazine of Argentina in spanish. And
            president of International Yoga Sport Federation and Yoga
            Federation of Argentina, we have 60 association and 200 center in
            South America and we like to be in touch with al the friend over
            the world.

06/06/97 Peter Vogel

05/06/97 Sunil S.R. 
            I would like to make a small correction regarding the last sentence
            of the paragraph posted below.

       	      "It is only the Mother's force and the divine Truth that one
	      should admit without barriers. And even there one must keep
	      the power of discernment in order to detect anything false
	      that comes masquerading as the Mother's force and the divine
	      Truth, and keep too the power of rejection that will throw
	      away all mixture." Sri Aurobindo

            Love sunil

05/05/97 Sunil S.R. 
            Dear Dave, I canot express my gratitude enough and the joy to feel
            how much you are commited to the yoga and Sri Aurobindo. Reading
            your response and earlier receiving your email it is like being
            united with my true family which is giving me an increased inner
            strength that yes we are about the Sri Aurobindo's yoga, that we
            are about the Supramental, yes that the time is very active for the
            inner work, yes let us unite and be who we are. May we be ready to
            receive what is constantly poured on us.

05/05/97 Dave Hutchinson
            Dear Sunil -   I agree with what you say about Sri Aurobindo's
            life,  and the Yoga itself.  The biographical sketch was chosen as
            the best one  available for our purposes. We didn't have the space
            to  put up an entire text - though several excellent ones are in
            print - and in fact wanted something short that a  newcomer to Sri
            Aurobindo or the Yoga could read.  The sketch from the SABCL was a
            good compromise. It was in view of the very things you mention that
            we included comments by both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother  about
            his life and being. These sections hopefully round  out the limited
            picture that a brief biography can give.   Thanks again for your
            comments -   Dave Hutchinson

05/05/97 Sunil S.R. 
            There is something I would like to add, not invalidating the great
            job and the wonderful site this is. In your section about the brief
            view of Sri Aurobindo's life. It is a good outer study, but while
            readiing it one gets the impression that the spiritual life and the
            politics that he was involved in were apart, that he had to retire
            or concentrate exclusively for spiritual life. This is a usual
            ordinary mental mistake, in reality the spiritaual life and the
            politics were not apart, he had to withdraw not because the
            spiritual life was pressing on him, but that was necessary for him
            to continue his work in safety. Sri Aurobindo's yoga is not a
            religon that may consider some activities out of line, it is a yoga
            that embraces all, purifies all and uplifts all, and in that
            process the fight against the undivine or the untruth can take any
            form but it is not separate from the inner and outer mission of
            yoga. So to write in a way that gives the impression that Sri
            Aurobindo withdrew or went into retirement as to persue the
            spiritual life apart from the fight for his country is false. He
            was constantly about doing the right thing but started to work from
            higher and higher planes. There was only an outer change in the
            activities. This yoga is a battle, not a rosy exclusive ride,
            though the yoga itself can be a rosy ride as Sri Aurobindo has
            shown the way, yet it is not without battle as the opposition
            forces are far too many and lurk in every imaginable corner. If we
            are bound to the physical view of things, then we are caught up in
            the universal Ignorance and cannot find the way of yoga which knows
            and does things from within. Love Sunil.

05/04/97 Sunil S.R. 
            I have passed through your web site before, but now distinguishing
            your web site I can appreciate as how beautiful it is. I am happy
            that there is such a site in which the feeling can be that of The
            Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Excellent work. "OM Sri Aurobindo Mira
            Open my mind, my heart, my life to your Light, your Love, your
            Power. In all things may I see the Divine."

05/03/97 Florin Andrei
            With friendship and love, all the best to all the seekers of truth.
            May the light of Sri Aurobino be with us!

04/28/97 Radx       
            It is very nice to see mother in the web with love radx

04/24/97 Hortensia De la Torr
            I am from Miami.  It's a pleasure to read the master piece that you
            are giving us. Thank you very much. Your aim was/is accomplished
            in me. Hortensia De la Torre

04/16/97 Vidyut     
            Great Web Site. All life is yoga. Try it. Good luck

04/16/97 Kamal
            No-thing-ness! Once touched, whole life clears! Thanks!

04/10/97 Sunil      
            The Time has come. Are You ready? Love Sunil

            Aum Namo Bhagavate Sri Aurovindaya/

03/26/97 jean reif robinson
            o thou before whom all words recoil

03/21/97 Smt Vidyaben Patel (
            "O Mother. We never forget for a moment what we all owe to Thee,
            our Infinite Gratitude at Thy Lotus feet.  Let Thy will be done.
            Glory to thee Sri Aurobindo, Supreme Master of all realisation,
            give us a faith active and ardent, absolute an unshakable in thy
            Victory  Thy Children"  What the authors of this site has done is
            fantastic. Finally the message of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo will
            be accessible by the whole world.

03/06/97 Scott Marks
            Dear person who runs this web site. Could you please email me, I
            have some questions regarding your site.  Thank you.  Please,

03/04/97 Mark Gaines
            I am so pleased to see the information being presented to all of
            those who would seek to find it.Sri Aurbindo and Mother hold the
            truth up to all of us who will take the time to seek it.and hold it
            in our hearts where it is defined as the true holy and cosmic truth
            that truly shines forth into eternal bliss and joy!To touch the
            reality of who and what we really are and that relationship to the
            rest of the inner and outer worlds.God Bless humanity,for there is
            still hope in the torch that these teachings give birth to.

02/25/97 Fred McDonough

02/24/97 Michel Mujalli
            Namo Buddh„ya!!! All be happy in our Planet. Que todos os seres
            possam estar bem e felizes. Namaste!!!

02/21/97 S.Karthik  
            Pranams to Mother and Sri Aurobindo

            HER BLESSING.

02/19/97 elana vinnik
            hi- I was a regular student in New York at the ashram on West 13th
            St. for many years-- I live in Toronto now and can't find anywhere
            to do Integral Yoga- there are lots of others here but not Integral
            - can you please tell me if you know of anyone practicing Integral
            in Toronto? Namaste, Elana

02/18/97 Starshine Guy Nolan
            It is wonderful to see that you are thriving!  I visited Auroville
            in 1990 as a youth representative from the Robert Muller School (a
            U.N.E.S.C.O. school) in Arlington, Texas, U.S.A. to the
            International Children's Peace Council.  I have not forgotten my
            visit since that time.  I am planning to become an english and
            government teacher by the end of the Spring, and would be very
            interested in knowing more about your Educational Centre.  My
            husband and I are interested in knowing more about the community in
            general, as well.  What are the rights and responsibilities of
            Aurovillians?  Are there opportunities for service in the fields of
            teaching and civil engineering?  I look forward to your reply.

02/15/97 Joey       
            Yoga is truly amazing.  I love it.  Everytime I practice yoga I
            feel increble and I have so much energy.  It almost seems magical
            to me at times.  I am glad to see so many links about yoga on  the
            web.  Keep it up.

02/13/97 Sudakshina Piercy
            What a pleasure it was to see this informative and educational web
            site!  I have been looking for a single point of contact for Sri
            Aurobindo and The Mother's works for a long time!

02/13/97 kathrin libke
            i wish you a nice day from germany. its my first e-mail,  i hope it
            find the right way. i am a member of the  university in bielefeld
            and we had a spezial guest two weeks  ago. it was ervin laszlo and
            he told a lot of silent,  interresting things, for example a small
            word between many  other words:auroville. auroville is a wellknown
            word vor me, but at this time just a word. i am glad, to find some
            informations in the internet about your projekt, i like it  for
            this. a good friend of mine wants to write his diplomarbeit this
            year about forms for old people to live. at the moment it  is not
            very funny for old people in germany, if they are  not rich. i
            would like to get some informations from you,  how you manage the
            living with young and old people together. how old people live, do
            they work, what do they work, are  they alone or do they live in a
            family? i think i will  write you later again and hope for today,
            that this letter will find the right way.  with best wishes your
            kathrin libke

02/11/97 Adilson Cabral
            I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and would like to talk with people
            around the world connected and acting for this new age.

02/10/97 Bernard and Betty Ro BeRoseman
            With Love

02/04/97 ERIK   TUZINSKY
            Everything is known - short sentence, because I don't know English
            very well-     )))