Auroville Trips by Autocare Services

Rules for a visit to Information Centre, Matrimandir & Beach in AUROVILLE in the transport organised by Sri Aurobindo Autocare Services, Branch Office 18A Ambour Salai, on Chetty Street, Pondicherry.

1. The first trip starts @ 2.00pm. from this office and returns back between 5.45 to 6.00pm. Reporting time is 1.30pm. As the vehicle will also be used for a 2nd trip, it will not wait for late comers.

2. If our 1st. trip (2.00pm) capacity is full then the vehicle used for the 1st trip will come back and a 2nd trip will start @3.00pm. from this office and return back between 6.45 to 7.00pm. Reporting time is 2.30pm.

3. Fare is Rs.50/- per head as transport charges only, for covering a distance of 35Kms to and fro. At the time of reporting a vehicle number will be given to the ticket holder on a first come first serve basis. As there are no seat numbers, the passengers have to occupy the available seats in the vehicle, throughout the trip.

4. Bags, ladies shoulder/hand purses and cameras are not allowed in the vehicles as they are not allowed inside Matrimandir campus for SECURITY reasons. Only water bottle in hand and money purse in pocket and ladies HAND PURSE (Not bigger than 4ins x 3ins) are allowed. Smoking is strictly prohibited. Anybody found having consumed alcohol, in any form, will not be allowed inside Matrimandir campus and therefore in our transport also.

5. The 1st trip passengers are taken to the Information-Visitors Centre first and spend about an hour to see a video show, an art gallery (closed on Sundays), a boutique, a photo exhibition, two table models and can have refreshments at the cafetaria while our vehicles go back to fetch the 2nd trip passengers from our office and bring them to Matrimandir. Then the 1st trip passengers will be taken from the Information Centre to Matrimandir.

6 If it rains or the ground is wet, the main entrance to Matrimandir may not open, then the visitors should be prepared to see Matrimandir from outside only. One free pass for all the visitors will be taken by our guide. Passes are not to be taken separately by the visitors. The visitors are allowed to go inside the Matrimandir - upto the door of the meditation chamber on the top floor, for visit only and not for meditation. Visitors must not talk or disturb the silence in and around Matrimandir, otherwise they will not be allowed inside.

7. After visiting Matrimandir, the 2nd trip passengers will be taken to Information-Visitors Centre and will stay there for about an hour and the 1st trip passengers will have to wait for about 15 minutes under the banian tree in rain or shine quietly without disturbance, till the vehicle returns after leaving them. Then the 1st trip passengers will be taken to the Auroville beach if there is no rain, where they can stay for about 30 minutes while our vehicles go and bring the 2nd trip passengers to the beach. Swimming and bathing will not be allowed. Persons violating this rule will not be allowed to return in our trip. While the 2nd trip passengers go to the beach, the 1st trip passengers will return to Pondicherry and then the vehicles will go back to the beach and fetch the 2nd trip passengers.

8. Cancellations, if any before the trip leaves, will be charged @50% of the fare, and there will no refund once the trip leaves.

9. Only those who agree to these terms and conditions are welcome to join our trip. We will not entertain any complain that these rules and regulations had not been told to each and every individual because it is not possible for us to do that. We are giving a copy of this notice to the ticket holder who is requested to inform all the members of the group about all these.

w.e.f. 17.01.2002

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Last modified on 9 Feb 2002